Sunday, January 26, 2020

Police Seize High Powered Rifle During Castries Spot Check

Saint Lucia police seized an M 4 rifle during a routine spot check at Morne du Don, Castries, law enforcement officials say.

They described the rifle as a ‘high powered’ weapon.

The M4 carbine is extensively used by the United States Armed Forces and is largely replacing the M16 rifle in United States Army and United States Marine Corps combat units as the primary infantry weapon and service rifle, according to Wikipedia.

M4 22 Tactical rifle – Internet photo

The law enforcement officials also arrested a male resident of Morne du Don in whose motor car the weapon and a bag containing ammunition were found, it was disclosed.

According to information obtained by St Lucia Times, the police stopped a Mitsubishi Lancer about 9.00 PM at Morne du Don and searched the vehicle when the weapon and ammunition were found.

The driver of the car, who was the sole occupant of the vehicle at the time, will be charged shortly, it was revealed.


  1. aa aa aa weh dem fellas getting n going with dem type of machine??? aa aa…its seems the person was going n make dog meat… wat charges he will get e…and the story goes on…..

  2. $2.500.00 or Suitable Surety and Report twice a week to CPS.The police Should interview this guy professionally to get the information as to how he obtain that high power Weapon and Ammunition .This is Really getting out of Hand in St.Lucia.It seems soon from now Criminals will have Armoured Helicopters also

    • There are others like the M4 in circulation.

      Because of limited road checks conducted by the police, and the number of operable cars, it’s conceivable there are more. What’s going to happen next? Radio silence from the head of security even though this sort of weapon is a game changer. If he does show up, it will be to bemoan the leniency of magistrates and judges. He has been unable to fathom how to go over that fence. Hint, hint, legislation that imposes MANDATORY sentences for illegal guns AND no bail. I have just given him a running start at no cost.

      • Poule foo you say some , partner they have plenty more . And the guys so calm about it , people this weapon has the capability to go fully automatic. The cost of that amounts to 15 ,000 so his charge around that , our magistrates and judges full s*** so he will get bail. By next week partner will have something bigger badder en route to him. This gun didn’t come from Venezuela. Once barrel time come , guns flowing for so ……….. smuggling been around from since man started crossing the seas , so I can’t blame all at immigration but judges , magistrates what is you’ll excuse. To lay man look like you’ lol just comfortable with that conviction rate…. whilst we recycling and upgrading gangstas.

      • The game changed a long time ago. This isn’t the first assault rifle on our shores. Just a matter of time before criminals add them to their usual arsenal. And then it becomes a war zone. Remember that magistrates are guided by the law on the books. They can punish insofar as the law allows them. If the maximum penalty as set about by the lawmakers is $5,000, that’s all they can do. The lawmakers have no will to do anything.

  3. Fellas with access to these kind of guns don’t worry about dropping the soap in prison… They have persons already picking up the soap or even giving them clean soap…m4 carbine isn’t easy to source unless you’re a professional teef… You have to have some serious links…

  4. Hum…lets see what kind of bail they give him.He should never get bail for starters.But well this is Wonder Land.Mr Judge should propose…you tell us how you got this drilling machine,and what project are you involved,that you need this tipe of tool.And we will think about giving you bail.Give him 30 years in Hotel,lets get serious.

    • Yup. Those weapons aren’t made or sold here. Sure our borders are porous, but this is military grade weaponry.

  5. Youll dirt customs workers you think we eh see youll with 3 cars under wraps and your boats and other business. About time the money is traced and tracked and confiscated. Some of them have no job but have millions. Prove where you got your start up. Lets see the books and accounts. Bankers giving loans and they getting paid back in a two weeks.Youll think i eh know the 350000 euro stolen and shared between two bosses. You will see how many police customs ministers and lawyers here doing crime. I can give a list of all the corrupt. I see them whos not suppose to be at a drug dealers houses or even speaking to them. Dont worry the facebook page coming. Tor i love it. The corrupt will fall. Im gonna play with you criminals in 2020 take youll all out if we can. Dont worry i will be walking castries full of cash come rob me. Planed waiting premeditated. Stop stealing from poor people especially you ministers. Its not st.lucia money or government money. Its my dam hard earned tax dollars you stealling. Forced to be apart of this useless system. All what you party hacks say uwp slp. What have you done for the poor the needey the homeless the sick. What have youll done for this country. No one is better off apart from friends and family and business affiliates of ministers. The ministers actully using their money register the business for the slave. And that useless has to bring all the money to those said ministers. But the business is the lacky name. Youll know why you need immunity. But dont worry your kharma coming 2020. Corruption will end by blood people change your ways and stop stealing our money and caring for your people and constituents. This is so sad peoples hearts have gone cold and only think of themselves.

  6. Nothing new here,this individual is always testing out his huge arsenal of weapons on his IG…like others said,he’ll be out soon enough & get something bigger & better.

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