Police Seize Illegal Guns, Ammunition & Drugs In Dennery

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Police seized illegal guns, ammunition and drugs during an operation in Dennery on Monday.

As a result, the law enforcement officials arrested four males whom investigators say they will charge shortly.

According to the police, officers executed fifteen search warrants at various locations in Dennery.

They arrested three males after conducting a search at a residence where they reported finding the following items:

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One Draco 7.62×28 automatic rifle with two magazines and twenty five 7.62 rounds of ammunition

A Glock 19 with a magazine and thirty two 9mm rounds of ammunition

Fifteen rounds of 9 mm ammunition and one magazine

According to the investigators , they also seized about 4.5 kgs of suspected cannabis at a second location.

In this regard, the officers arrested a fourth male individual.

All the men are in custody awaiting charges.

Headline photo: Officer takes part in police operation (File image)

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