Police Seize Illegal Guns, Ammunition In Separate Operations

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The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) seized illegal guns and ammunition in recent operations.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Elvis Thomas announced the seizures in a press statement on Wednesday.

The complete statement appears below:

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  1. Crime can not be addressed only by the police. Other social institutions like the family, schools and churches need to be intimately involved. For example as reported some Student Nurses have dropped out of SALCC simply because of inhumane treatment the have received from administration in the Nursing Department. That too is a social problem.

    • So even if the Police had a “link” you vex because they did not announce to the public and the entire world that they had an informant ? seriously?

      • Who knows? It could of been a cop or custom officer that allow them to have the weapons in the first place, yup “links”.

  2. A custom Officer was arrested with an Unlicensed Firearm and ammunition about 2years ago what about that Incident .The Judiciary Shitstem in St.Lucia is a.Big joke

    • Because the one from Gros Islet has been charged and the one from Babonneau has been arrested but not charged as yet. that is why he was not named.

  3. When will the Anse La Raye police conduct some searches at Roseau, Jacmel, and Bois d’Inde similar to this? Mr. Elvis, we need your help plz.
    Common do something to liberate us from Bolo and the OTF.


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