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Police Update on Shooting In Castries

Press Release:- On Wednesday May 22, 2019 about 10:30 p.m. officers attached to the Special Services Unit, whilst on mobile patrol received information regarding a suspicious motor vehicle, at Reclamation Grounds, Castries.

The responding officers made attempts to stop a white Toyota Lancer, registration number PE3191, but to no avail. The motor vehicle in question failed to stop, venturing through one way streets about the city, contravening traffic regulations.

During an attempt to apprehend the individuals, one individual was fatally shot, whilst a second was non-fatally injured. A third male was arrested without injury. One nine millimeter (9mm) firearm was recovered by officers from the said individuals.

Investigations into the circumstances surrounding this incident are ongoing. Anyone with information regarding this matter is asked to contact the Major Crimes Unit at 456 3754.



  1. Wow a Toyota Lancer.the police say shots was fired hope the gun annalist test the guys for gun powder an test that gun to c how many times that some gun has been recovered on a crime scene on the streets

  2. OPERATION RESURRECT/RESUSCITATE CRIMINALS (ORRC) is on because if the criminal is not dead then he is badly wounded. Keep up the good work cops to ensure that the only corpses on the road are those of criminals.

  3. …….But but but he was a good boy….. die you clowns. The police right to exterminate yall.

  4. Care full how the news are writen to make u take sides. Dem fellas not no crimnal the gun was jus der maybe to protect them because these guys does go fishing at nights .the car jus din have ….. and …. so they they try to escape to avoid charge dats all. Wait u go hear.

  5. Regardless of who was right or wrong, a 17 year old boy is dead. His father is hurting deeply. His mother had to learn this whilst away from the island.

  6. O plz shut up nikk they chose to leave the life so who know how many parents these young guys left crying no matter what age they talk about guns already u know what a 13 yrs old told me shut up if I don’t want shots ringing in my house tonight only because he ask me for a $1.00 and I told him don’t go begging ppl like that

  7. A bunch of u ppl in here claim to be good holy and righteous crime happens every where didn’t God created sin and wasn’t there laws to govern things one day one day wen it hit some of u guys door steps u will really understand wat corruption is justice for one justice for all

  8. All the other countries in the Caribbean are working hard to reduce crime ,they realize what can happen when criminals get out of control. They also realize the negative impact of violent crime on employment levels, safety of citizens and development of other young people who choose not to be involved in such violent crimes. These criminals were not elected to run st Lucia ,so st.Lucian citizens are better off when the police do their jobs.So st.Lucia should try to be first and not last in minimizing violent crime.

    • Lucians so stupid… so the job of the cops is to kill ppl… I hope u run a red light one day and they kill you and your family

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