Saturday, January 19, 2019
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Police: Stray Animals Could Be Shot

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The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has advised members of the public of the law relating to stray animals which indicates that the animals could be shot.

A notice from the RSLPF Tuesday said that in keeping with with Section 26 of the Animals Act 2013, any animal found tied, wandering, straying, or lying in such a manner as to cause obstruction, danger, damage or injury to any user of the highway or a public place; will be seized, or where not practicable, shall be shot or immobilized by a duly authorised individual.

According to the police,  all costs incurred during the  processes, shall be that of the owner of the animal.

The notice stated that anyone who contravenes Section 26 of the Animals Act, commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of $5,000 or to imprisonment for 2 years or both.

Warning from the police comes amid concerns by motorists about stray animals, especially cows, wandering onto busy roads.

The cows are frequently left to graze near the Millennium and by the Choc area where they at times venture onto the roadway.

Stray animals have been the cause of several road accidents.

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  1. Get all animals branded then we will all know who the owners are,when they leave them walking across the highway.There by the cinemas specially.Course the cops know who is the owner?

  2. That’s just talk. Years ago I heard that. We are not consistent. We don’t follow up .We are not serious. One time we are hot on a topic and two days we forget even though the situation is not resolved .STOO TALKING AND ACT .

  3. I have heard that before. That’s just TALK. BLA BLA BLA . Last month I was on a bus heading up north when the driver had to wait for three to cross the road. I said I thought it was said that these cows would be shit if seen wandering . The man said who they belong to .I said how u know and the police does not know the owner .he said they know very well .I had to ask if the person has a BIG NAME behind him that’s why .They will do nothing. I DONT KNOW WHY WE TALK SO MUCH ABD NOT ACT .

  4. That’s just talk…my brother was killed by a cow…by the almond hotel..a few yrs ago .and up to this day..these cows are still around that rd area…police just full of talk…smh

  5. Was about time these stray animals causes some serious hazards on the road causing vehicular accidents….And the thing is when the accident happends the owner is no where to be found….clinton aka cobra take heed.