Police Suspect Car Thieves Have Gone ‘High Tech’

Saint Lucia police suspect that some car thieves in this country may have acquired devices that could disable car alarms, a senior law enforcement official has said.

Another senior law enforcement official told St Lucia Times that the matter is being looked into.

Both spoke on condition of anonymity against the backdrop of a recent upsurge in car thefts.

“We know that computerised vehicles can be hacked,” one of the officials stated.

As a result, he advised car owners to take measures to reduce the likelihood of theft of or from their vehicles.

This included parking in a well lit area, removing items of value, installing a ‘high end’ alarm system and making use of the club steering wheel lock and brake pedal locks.

According to the law enforcement official, vehicle owners may also choose to inscribe some sort of identifying mark on their windscreen.

In addition, he advised vehicle owners to ensure that when they leave their vehicles that they are actually locked.

Last month, police announced that that the number of vehicle thefts recorded were 15 in August, 16 in September and 15 in October.

In July this year, Police Commissioner, Severin Moncherry, told reporters that a special team of law enforcement persons had been assigned to deal with the spike in vehicle thefts.


  1. I go say it and say it again..alott of business and big men (bosses ) have alot to do with it cause look around everywhere have a parts shop adn speed vehicles going missing parts shops opening because majority of the cars going missing have a market for it

  2. Last Year mine was stolen, however, I recovered it but nothing was tamper with.Those individuals can consider themselves lucky that they are still alive today.However if they ever try it again they better rest assured that they will be pulling that vehicle all over with a rope around their waist.People are working too hard to achieve something in life and these hooligans believe that they can come whilst you’re asleep and take it as though it belongs to them. I will spend money,but I make sure they respect my property/belongings.

  3. All the guys that install these devices know how to by pass them.Used parts is great bussines now when money is scarce.Best tool is stearing weel bar,that is a killer,nobody will ever atempt to go to your car once they see the bar.Never loose the key of the bar,or you will remember the day you were born.

  4. Relentless roadside checks is part of the solution. Particularly the nights. The public must do its part, however, efficient strategies must be in place to create success.
    Many of the criminal difficulties St. Lucians encounter, is mainly due to political ineptness and poor policing strategies. Take for example, the rising gun crime. Whose fault is it? Definitely not the public. It stems from doing nothing about a harmful situation. Still charging $3,000 bail or low prison sentences. The list goes on.

  5. Castries fisherman that is still not thief proof . A friend of mine had an alarm and a bar for her stearing. They broke open. And bend the bar to get it off. The only reason they could not go with the car is because the car battery was dead and they couldn’t start the car to go with it. She had to change the battery and she had not done so yet.

  6. Well”all they have to do I’d remove the battery and one weep when parking at night , since the car thieves are high tech 😂

  7. Well”all they should to do is, remove the battery and one weel when parking at night , since the thieves are high tech 😂

  8. Well”all they should do is, remove the battery and one weel when parking at night , since the thieves are high tech 😂

  9. There is a lot of stuff out there,you can cut off you battery with a hidden switch,that activates itself with a key,you can cut off your fuel line,mechanically and with a electric device,you car will run for two minutes and stop,a good steering bar can not be removed,you need acetilane to get it off.When you shop,dont shop Sis,Sis Flavia,and many more.Order on the web,buy reputable parts,spend you wont regret it.

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