Police Update on Homicide in Marc, Bexon

Press Release: On Monday April 29, 2019 about 8:00 p.m. officers attached to the Criminal
Investigations Department, Castries, responded to a report of a shooting at Marc,

On arrival, officers were informed of three males having sustained gunshot wounds.
Two of the victims were conveyed to a local medical facility for treatment, where
they are currently admitted.

The third victim, who was discovered with no apparent signs of life, was pronounced
dead on the scene by an attending medical practitioner. He was later identified as
Shevard Dupre, a twenty four (24) year old resident of Bexon. A post mortem
examination is scheduled for a subsequent date.

Two individuals are in police custody in relation to this incident.


  1. Miss Mary, how you like that? your criminals are Killing each other; so who have the rights there?

  2. Once upon a time we aplauded these events,they were clensing themselves,and saving us the time and trouble.Keep it up guys,make sure you get all the garbage of the streets

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