Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Police Urge Local Businesses To Make Themselves ‘Harder Targets’

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Press Release:– The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force recorded several Robberies of business places during the past week. In light of these incidents, we continue to encourage businesses and individuals to implement measures to safeguard their properties.

The police have embarked on an initiative to increase the police presence in the city and environs. Both foot and mobile patrols will be increased to afford a degree of deterrence to such acts and enable quicker police response times.

It is the intention of the organisation to meet, as has been done in the past, with the Chamber of Commerce to provide guidance in better securing the businesses of their members.

Bearing in mind that it is near impossible to have a police officer present at every business location, throughout the course of the day, businesses are asked to become harder targets (decreasing the likelihood of becoming victim to theft) by utilising the following measures:

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– Installation of camera systems which provide coverage over a wide range.
– Hiring of private security officers where applicable to either provide periodic check ins or full time security presence. Ensure that persons hired to perform security services provide only said services and are not utilized to perform other duties, such as sanitizing patrons.
– Training of staff in ways to recognise security hazards, for instance, recognising a suspicious character or behaviour.
– Having a detailed contact list of police units in close proximity to their businesses.
– Avoiding the practice of having large quantities of money available on their premises, where possible.
– Providing self defense training to staff, as well as implementing standard operating procedures to respond to possible incidents of theft.
– Erecting protective barriers between staff and customers, to reduce the possibility of persons accessing cashier areas.
– Installation of electronic security locks.
– In light of the mask wearing mandate, a requirement for customers to remove face coverings upon entry to facilitate capturing by security cameras

Anyone who falls victim of theft is asked to contact the police at the soonest, taking in as much information as possible to increase the likelihood of detection of the perpetrators.

Anyone with information regarding persons who may have participated in a crime, are asked to contact the Crime Hotline at 452-7463.

Headline photo: Armed robbery at Tiles Plus

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