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Updated on June 1, 2020 12:23 am
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Police Vote To Reject Government Bonus, Ditch TUF

The Police Welfare Association (PWA) membership Monday voted overwhelmingly to reject a $1,500 bonus being offered by the government and part ways with the umbrella Trade Union Federation (TUF) in salary negotiations, reliable sources have said.

According to the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, the intention is ultimately to move away from the TUF.

“The TUF has done nothing for the police,” one source declared.

The source suggested that in time, the PWA could join with firefighters and correctional officers to form a new bargaining unit.

Just recently PWA President, Travis Chicot, denied reports that there  was division in the ranks over whether to accept the government money offer.

It was reported that the government was offering the $1,500 as a one-off payment, with the stipulation that after the payoff there would be negotiations, but not with regard to salaries.

“They find that if they are giving a one-off payment, they cannot then give a salary increase which would be too much on the back of the government,” a well informed source had told St Lucia Times.

The negotiations are for the period 2016 – 2019.




  1. Bravo to the police, they can borrow for two ah king, ok I, give sandals 24m, let them continue the trend and borrow to give the pool what is due to them

  2. If Govt want to give the bonus up to them..but CSA members need a fresh start with a salary increase plus tax free bonus

  3. They can borrow for everything and everyone who are foreigners but will not borrow for Lucian’s? Good for the police! Now back to you Mary, Mary quite contrary!

  4. How things can come around full circle. In April 2018 the PWA president was saying if government has no money to pay salary increase they should consider a lump sum. Eights months later his troops rejecting the idea.

  5. The Police Welfare Association should realise that unity is strength and breaking away from the TUF is tantamount to shooting oneself in the foot. But then again I am not surprised as the military men in the RSLPF feel that there is no advantage in being in a non-military civilian-run organization like the TUF.

  6. teachers Union on the other hand not calling a meeting with their members at all. People hearing all kind a stories why can’t they bring whatever proposal the government has offered to the general membership so they can decide. we tired of hearing he say she say they say

    • The same teachers who routinely avoid class and short change the students and tax payers. Sure they deserve a raise.

      • And this is the reason St.Lucia is the way it is. Jackasses can’t be taught to moo. Maybe you should try teaching since you will get an easy salary, ditch school and make a fortune. Hurry join the profession. We need people like you.

      • @Alvin
        I used to teach. Left it for the very same reason explained. Some people in this country have work ethic and ambition.

  7. St Lucia government treating its workers as JUMBIES..” look hold that for the good work” jumbies price of $1500……chopz tan

  8. Both administrations governing the country always seem to have their wires crossed. What’s at the top has to filter down to the bottom: e.g. TOP PRIORITIES; Health, Education, aAgriculture, Essential Services (policing, nurses, teachers) … when these entities are in place and are being run as properly as they should – then other services can take place, e.g. tourism. Tourism can see for itself – but first see about the priority services which can mold a country and a productive society. Both governments, past and present are so myopic in their views.

  9. See what your PM think of you, Public servants? Could pay a consulting firm 13 million for advice but no increase for you guys

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