Police Warn Against Vigilante Justice After Marchand Homicide

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Saint Lucia police have warned against vigilante justice after reports that a man who broke into a building at Marchand died after receiving a severe beating from the homeowner Friday.

Officers say they are yet to identify the deceased, Saint Lucia’s third homicide victim for  2022.

Law enforcement officials say one man is assisting them with their investigation.

Police Commissioner Milton Desir said officers had received a report on a possible homicide at Marchand, Castries, which may have resulted from someone being in another’s home.

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“I cannot give details as to whether it was vigilante or not,” Desir said.

Nevertheless, on the issue of vigilante justice, the Police Commissioner declared that people must observe the law.

Desir said he could understand the frustration of residents and business owners.

However, he explained that it was always wise to report matters to the police and seek court redress.

The Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) says it responded to a physical assault report in Marchand about 7:21 am and found an unresponsive adult male.

Emergency responders administered CPR on their way to the OKEU Hospital, but police said a medical practitioner later pronounced the patient dead.

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  1. Everyone has an opinion if only that was what happened…self defence when a weak and helpless guy… no weapon.. no strength to even fight back ??

  2. Helas, unknown ! Adieu !
    I warned you when you felt secure,
    but you said, ‘I will not abandon !’
    This has been your ways from your youth ;
    you have not obeyed me_
    Those who deal with the law did not know me,
    for the day of vengeance was in my heart.
    But,O LORD Almighty, you who judge righteously,
    let me see your justice be done
    for to you I have committed my cause !
    Law makers,maintain justice and do what is right !

  3. Salop want to wait until a few homeowners, business owners, and innocent people die before they continue to do nothing. Biggest papicho on the island is wearing the uniform. Someone come in your home, make sure you knock them good in a spot on the floor that is easy to clean up.

  4. Cannot understand why Desir say call the the police. In the reality of the situation you will stop and call the police. GOODNESS WHAT A RIDICULOUS SUGGESTION DEDIR.

  5. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord i will repay. I remembered when someone robbed my home some years ago. The gas tank was stolen and thst same day a neighbour gave me a gas tank. I believe in the word of God. When i was young my uncle used to rob our home and spread sugar and flour all on our tables, he would open our cans of juice and pour it on the table as well. Presently, he is a jombie living by the river. Whether thiefs are caught or not, they aint getting away with nothing. God sees everything and what someone reap what you sow.

  6. In so called developed countries, this incident would be fair game once the intruder is caught and dealt with on one’s private property. It would be judged as self defense.

  7. Getting a thief in your house the law states that you can use force even to the extent that the thief can die. The law also states that one has a right to protect his property.

  8. ”Desir said he could understand the frustration of residents and business owners” this basically expose the police incompetence with regards to fight crime. Most times the resource of the police are being used for officers own gain so in situation like this the owners have to take matters into his own hands because today the police will catch a thief 3 days later he is back on the streets to carry on his trade while businessmen and home owners have to struggle to keep up with these vagabonds. Finish them off once caught on your property.

  9. @ Nancy Drew, yes uh…the Mizzy Insurance fraud. One thing don’t let him know you said it, that sucker will speak proper English for that woman.

  10. That’s a murder victim? For real? We should have more of these types of murders in St.Lucia. Get rid of those scums. Then throw them in the river. No questions asked. It’s you or them, so it had better be them. One less piece of trash in society. Smh.

  11. This home owner have done a much better job for free, than all of the police dept. have done for all the tax payers money they’ve collected. If anything, they should thank that home owner for a good days work.

  12. Wonder what Desir would say if the home owner was murdered in his own home? I know the answer….phucking nothing!

  13. Buh I justify di homeowner’s action. Just imagine if some uninvited guests drank my Lime Juice, I’d drench their eyes w acid e. This is Marchand we talking about, wuh u mean Mr. Desir? Badmun eh care, so we cutizens supposed to care? Come to my house and I’ll “block” them w a large stone on their head

  14. “it’s always wise to make a call to the police?” Is this guy for real? My home has been burgled on four occasions and I called the police. What became of that? Nothing! If for any reason I get any bastard in my home . . . That will be it. No mercy! Is either him or me and I definitely believe it will be him.

  15. The police leadership are part of the problem. You can’t protect citizens. You can’t solve crime and remove those criminal elements from the streets. Yet you don’t want people to defend themselves. Y’all are totally useless by every metric. Rest assured I will defned myself and property if I ever find any uninvited guest in there.

  16. Set the man free! The number of breakins are getting ridiculous. It was about time we heard about one dieing.

  17. Vigilantism generally occurs when law enforcement is weak (hint, hint). In the present environment, a homeowner has to fight to the death. It’s a case of “me or you.”
    I say, give the homeowner a freaking medal. Almost everyone knows of someone who was killed at their home…most of these cases remain unsolved. What’s his point? Gassa, all the public is asking from you is to run a competent organization.

  18. Home owners are fed up now. Business places are being held at gun point. Enough is enough. Rest in peace whoever you are..

  19. vigilante justice? A homeowner or business owner has the right to protect their property and investments. If they are a licensed firearm owner they don’t have a right to shoot a MPhocker Tresspassin? Since when? Isint the reason people obtain legal firearm licenses? Smph correct me if Iam wrong! If someone breaks into your house or business with intent to harm and trespass u have a right to shoot them….. yes or no? Smph

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