Police Warn Bars Against Selling Alcohol Behind Closed Doors

Saint Lucia police have issued a warning to bars against selling and  facilitating the consuming of alcohol, prohibited under current COVID-19 emergency regulations.

Acting Police Commissioner Milton Desir issued the warning last week during an appearance on the National Television Network (NTN).

He disclosed at the time that a Babonneau woman had been arrested for selling liquor.

Desir said all the alcohol had been confiscated and the bar was closed down.

He explained that some persons believe if they close the door of a bar, the establishment is not actually open.

“Persons are inside the bar but the bar is closed – that is not the opening and closing we’re talking about,” Desir asserted.

He told NTN that no sale or consumption of alcohol is permitted.

Desir praised police officers for doing an excellent job during the current COVID-19 crisis, despite the challenges faced.

“I would say sometimes I think we are doing magic,” the Acting Police Commissioner declared as he explained.

He spoke as he explained the measures taken by the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) to  make effective use of its manpower resources.




  1. All Liquor Licenses have been Suspended by Government .Selling Alcohol Behind Closed Doors is Still an offence .These persons Liquor Licenses Should be Revoked .St.Lucians Refuse to Follow instructions .That’s a very Deadly Disease and persons Still playing the fool

  2. Great job officers but Mr Desir needs to redeploy Anse la raye officers elsewhere. I noticed all Millet and environs rum shops remain open and sadly have witnessed some police officers drinking alcohol and eating crackers n sausages. Smh. So discouraging!

    • This is the Helen of the Wild West my friend. The only reason this country is so lawless is because the law enforcers are part of the problem.

  3. I want to know when I will stop hearing Police is warning’. I’m tired of hearing this. Stop warning and just act!. Today I went to Massy supermarket this afternoon Sunday and I saw 3 guys drinking in the ghetto shop by the Grand Riviere bus stop and across by Ray on Jeremie street. No police officers in sight in a ciy. Desir fixed this! Officers should bot be off on Sunday.

  4. I’m tired of hearing ‘Police is warning’. For god’s sake just act mann! Some people are taking y’all for a joke and y’all are not proving them wrong! Look today Sunday in a city for gawd’s sake, a ghetto shop by the Grand Riviere bus stand 3 guys sitting drinking. Look by Ray’s across there is another ghetto shop open guys sitting with drinks. Social gatherings all around the city. Come on now. Where is the police! I saw none in sight.

    • This country is totally lawless my friend and it starts at the top. How can corporal X arrest citizen Y if he breaks the same rules as the citizen? This is the Helen of the WIld West and we are all sick of the warnings.

  5. So many bars that are closedmwith Police vehicles parked outside. Dont tell me you do not get the complaints. Another thing you call the Police for open bars and they never turn up. The country is just as indiscipline as the Government

  6. People please listen to the law. My people the virus is hitting home in New York it’s scary but I think the police commissioner has to take a look at his own staff and jail some of them. Then they will do their work smh…. The politics is very sad in St Lucia even time we in war with a deadly virus sad. 🙏🙏🏼🇱🇨🇱🇨

    • Pablo, can you really read? No body is blaming the police. People are asking that they do their job. And people are complaining that SOME police officers are making worse by them drinking at the bars that are suppose to be closed.

  7. The PM has been saying, The CMO pleading. Now the Police asking. Lucians this COVID thing is serious. We do not want an outbreak of this. Son many ppl out galavanting, so many vehicle son the road, so many ppl seated outside bars. SMH. The great New York is at it’s knees,

  8. Why we blacks gravitate to lawlessness? We self destruct. We need big UP’s. Not always find way’s to go down. You want to drink, buy a bottle or a case at Massey. Go the ***k home. and drink til you drop! Simple.

    • The sad reality is that our race only seem to understand when they have a whip on their backs.

  9. Fools…sheep for the slaughter. This pandemic is just another American b******* scheme like 911. Sad to see St. Lucia is also be fooled as the rest of the world. Use just a little logic, and one would make better sense of what’s really going on. Freedom to the people…fire burn all governments worldwide.

    • Tell us about 9/11, Caronavirus, Flat Earth etc. We have nothing but time on our hands. Make sure there are lots of twists and turns in the stories. A little numerology wouldn’t hurt.

  10. Aa commissioner. Did you say
    He told NTN that no sale or consumption of alcohol is permitted

    Lol. Funny. Pm said the sale is prohibited. Like Frederick said, this truly is giving birth to the underground. How will the bar owners make a living if this is their only source of income.

  11. ,Yes there is no sale of alcohol,legally,this is a tough one for many.How long will this last ?

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