Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Police Welfare Association Members ‘Low On Morale’

The President of the Saint Lucia Police Welfare Association (PWA) says as an organisation the group is low on morale.

Travis Chicot spoke earlier this week as the executive of the PWA met.

One of the agenda items down for discussion was how to boost the spirits of the law enforcement officers.

Chicot disclosed plans to meet the PWA’s general membership following the executive meeting.

He explained that one of the biggest issues facing the organisation is the unresolved matter of alleged extra-judicial killings by police officers.

The PWA President spoke of plans to discuss how the organisation could reach out to those who were implicated.



  1. How can police be low on morale when an officer can leave work and go to the movies during work hours without being pulled up for that.

  2. Yeah because that commissioner only firing and threatening to fire them moncherry needs to go useless old man idiot

  3. You should perhaps speak to officers on the beat to understand what they are going through. They’re busting their tails, getting info from citizens on illegality only to be called up by x or y politician or big shot and instructed to forget the case. Or how about taking cases to court only to be dragged on needlessly. That would take a toll on anyone. Had I been a cop, I’d go to the movies too.

  4. The commissioner that’s the problem threatening them to fire them and firing them he needs to go really kinna wicked fella plus he disrespects the spcs treat them like dirt the higher powers should look into this smh

  5. lol on morale for judicial killings. Something that maybe only a few officers were involved in. Like seriously. Choops tan Chicot. Well tell them officers to resign or retire. Mwen mem. If u a police and in 2020 that has u low on morale, u should not be collecting a salary. Go Home. U not fit to be an officer

  6. Tell Moncherry stop firing them on the spot and rehiring them in in the next ten minutes. You’re playing God with people’s lives and jobs. You’ve been unconstitutionally firing officers because you believe you have power. A few officers need to get together and sue and he should be held personally liable for the lawsuits …paid straight from his pocket!

  7. Moncherry needs to stop his rum shop visits during working hours and then going to work bullying his officers. Ditch that….Moncherry needs to go…he will cost the tax payer dearly.

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