Outgoing President of the Saint Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA), Yvonne Edwin, responding to a question of whether she is concerned about politics in the local trade union group, has asserted that everything seems to be about politics.

“I think this will continue to be a problem and not just in CSA, but throughout the economy, through social media – everything seems to be about politics,” she told St Lucia Times.

The former CSA President spoke Wednesday as the trade union held its conference of delegates.

“I am one who believes that politics and elections are on one day – after elections, a government governs and implements policies and they obviously will move the country in different directions,” she observed.

Edwin said as citizens and members of any organization, individuals have to be involved in the process but not allow politics to divide them.

“An office with an air condition or air quality issues – a government will not fix that problem for their supporters, they fix the air quality issues for the workers in there. Salary negotiations are negotiated for every public officer – not for a labour party or UWP supporter. And I think until we understand this fundamental thing, we will allow politics to divide us.”

Edwin encouraged Saint Lucians to ‘hold firm’ and think of their country first.


  1. Unfortunately politics HAS divided us and the cut only gets wider and deeper every day! God help us!

    • People’s Power should conquer the problem. Caribbean people need to stop worshiping Politicians and hold them to account, hold their feet to the fire. You can do without Politicians but you have them but do not let them getaway with crap. Call them to account.

  2. All this division started in 1997 though we had more aggressive and positive politicians prior there was no division after election

  3. Yes my Lady, it will be so until the end of time, because a politicians knows how to temper with people’s brains, and often times they usually starts from the trade unions, yes (representation) they play part ism politics, even now we have coleursm politics. WE are lost into it!

  4. Caribbean states believe that they need adversarial politics. It is a trick used by the politicians to create a so-called political class with the intention of keeping the population divided and under their control. Wise up Caribbean people. YOU DO NOT NEED POLITICIANS . They play a game called ” Politics” It is a game for them . Most of them are professionals : doctors ; lawyers ; economists , it does not mean that they have ” all the intelligence. The Civil Servants / Public Servants are the ones who really run these countries. Politicians walk around talk crap and divide the people. Change the Constitution , get rid of Politicians, have people ‘s assemblies -Let you the people have more say and you will do a much better job than the politicians.

    • OK Sorry I see them – after I ticked the boxes
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