Tourism Minister, Dominic Fedee, has blasted Castries South MP, Ernest Hilaire as being a ‘false prophet’ who ‘spreads heresy’, as the minister responded to the opposition MP’s assertions this week about Range Development.

The company was planning to construct a Ritz Carlton Hotel at Black Bay, Vieux Fort.

Bu it demanded compensation after problems developed with the project.

Minister Fedee told reporters Friday that he wanted to make it ‘absolutely clear’ that the government of Saint Lucia did not pay $20 million and is not planning to pay $20 million to settle the Range Development matter.

“It is to be noted that the settlement between Range and the government is actually going to cost the government a net gain of about $EC 21.6 million,” he explained.

“We have to understand that what the Range Developer, Mr. Mohammed, would have actually sold in CIP revenue that went into the consolidated fund, somewhere in the region of about 14 to 20 million US dollars and so the CIP Department has estimated that in terms of CIP sales, there is a 14 million US dollar factor that would have been brought about from the efforts of the Range Development.”

Fdeee disclosed that as a result, there is a total of direct and indirect contributions in the sum of 54 million EC dollars from the Range Developer that went directly to the government and the people of this country.

The minister observed that the other part of the settlement is the land transaction which took place just before the last election.

“Quite interestingly, the transaction – the developer would have bought the lands for $3 a square foot. This was signed by the previous administration 4 days before the election.”

According to Fedee, the land is valued somewhere in the region of about 16 to 20 dollars a square foot but it was sold 4 days before the elections for $3 a square foot.

“So what is being remitted to the investor now in exchange for the land is 2.5 million US dollars or 6.75 million EC dollars – the actual price that he paid for the land as the settlement and so you cannot say that the government is paying this money. All we are doing is refunding the investor the money he paid for the land.”

“So here we have an opportunity to get 40 acres of prime beach front land located next to the international airport back into the hands of the state  and which the government can in the future leverage for even higher returns rather than rushing and selling it cheaply just before an election campaign,” he told reporters.

The minister noted that In the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) protocol, a commission is given to promotors, in which people who actually sell CIP products from Saint Lucia qualify for a 10 percent commission from the government.

He stated that he government is actually paying a total of $EC 5.4 million dollars to the Range Developer in commissions.

“So when you look at the value of the land, 6.75 million, the commission owed to Range  $5.4 million, you see already that there is a total of about 12 million which we would have had to pay for the land and commission in CIP sales so what you are seeing is a net gain to the county of 21.6 million dollars.

“Mr. Hilaire continues to be true to form he is a false prophet that spreads heresy,” Fedee said of the Castries South MP who this week said that the opposition had had learnt that Range Developments requested a settlement of about EC$20m for costs incurred and that this should be settled by July 1st.

“Apparently, was no settlement even after the Prime Minister had publicly accepted responsibility for the delays in the project. We would further learn that Range Developments had served the Attorney General a notice of intent to sue. This time the claim will be for cost and aggravated damages totally over EC$100M,” Hilaire had asserted.

Minister Fedee said Friday that discussions with Range have been ‘very amicable and that a joint statement would be issued regarding the details of the development.


  1. Why not keep the public informed of matters? You prevent “lies” and misinformation when you are proactive. There has always been the need to keep public information personal. I guess it makes ministers look important. What a silly notion!

  2. everyone knows hilarious LIES A LOT. That character has no professionalism, dont let Dr. dis and Dr. dat fool you all. Fedee is right on the money, this guy is a real liar. dont trust anything that goes pass mate mouth. he prove that time and time again. so fedee know what he talking about. they on the inside and they know his crimes.

  3. Mr. Fedee, you are practicing just what we need to get rid of in this country – the name calling. Calling the man a ‘false prophet’ who ‘spreads heresy’, in no way helps the situation. It begs the question – are you using the name calling to hide something?

  4. This government badly lacks transparency, it operates in darkness. They are often forced to cough up information that should be public. Even when they do this the information has to be treated with heavy skepticism because these ministers of gov’t are well known for their penchant to distort the truth. They are allowing the Opposition to put them on the defensive end playing ‘catch-up’ most of the time. Just a bunch of deadweight running the affairs of the country. They begged for a chance to govern, most people acquiesced to their supplication, now they have been found woefully inadequate.

  5. If the fscts were presented to the nstion before there woukd be no need for speculation minister.Therefore who to blame but the government.


    The Gingerbread man is at it again trying to confuse the public. While he calls Dr. Ernest Hilaire a ‘false prophet’, in all his reverse spin, he exposes himself as just a blatant liar.

    To start off with, did Government EVER come out and admit that Range had in fact threatened to sue them? Did they EVER acknowledge that there was an ongoing negotiation with Range??? We learnt all this from the Opposition party and people like Richard Frederick and Christopher Hunte!

    So now that Hilaire came out and made the statement, they run to attempt damage control with some FAKE MATHS:

    – Hilaire stated that the Government will have to about $20 million to the developer.
    – Remember Chastanet’s plan was to loan to the investors money from the CIP sales they helped to bring in. Remember these moneys are supposed to be earmarked for INVESTMENT, of which the investor themselves would have their own equity.
    – Fedee’s claim is that Range brought in $EC54 million worth of CIP sales. He then claims Government is a net beneficiary of $21 million.
    – He complains about the land value of EC$3 per square foot or $130,000 per acres (never mind the fact his Government has given away hundreds of acres of land at EC$2.70 per acre). He then says that the Government will buy back the land at Black Bay (AGAIN!!!) at $7 million. That would mean there’s only about 53 acres of land in question. I thought there was a lot more land in question. But anyways, let’s leave that aspect of Dominic’s maths there for now.
    – So coming back to the Range Settlement, what Dominic is REALLY saying is that Government indeed will have to be paying out: $54 million – $21 million = $33 million, as part of the deal.
    – He then goes on to try to explain that the Government owes Range Commission of $5 million and will reacquire the land for $7 million, a total of $12 million.
    – He doesn’t say that Range will be paid an additional $21 million of CIP funds – not to build a hotel in Saint Lucia, not to invest, but as a punitive damage for the Government’s failure to play fair (33 – 12 = $21 million)!!!!
    Saint Lucia, this is $21 million worth of Saint Lucia passport sales money which is not EVER going to be invested in SAINT LUCIA!!!!!!

    This is not commission! This is not land re-acquisition costs. This is a $21 million which the Gingerbread man and we the people of Saint Lucia are paying to Range to just walk away. They don’t build any hotel in Saint Lucia. They just take the money and go somewhere else.

    Dominic Fedee needs to stop allowing Chastanet to behave like King Nebuchadnezzar! Dominic Fedee needs to stop taking his queue from liars like Chastanet and Guy Joseph. He is shaming himself. Dominic Fedee: this is not the Saint Lucia you came to as a child. Saint Lucians are now more educated than ever before. They will not be fooled by your silly BS! Time for you to leave Government and go back to working directly for Sandals (because we know you’re still working for them in secret!

    It’s time to get these guys OUT

    They’re only here to raid the barn!


  7. If the “Not So Bright” Prime Minister had just leave the Range development agreement as is.None of this would of happen, the former administration had everything setup so he had to try to put his stamp on it and he must it up

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