Former Saint Lucia Prime Minister, Doctor Kenny Anthony, told a rally of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) Sunday that the parliament building which Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has announced will be torn down, will not be demolished.

Chastanet has said that the demolition of the parliament building and the government printery forms part of plans for the redevelopment of Castries.

“That is not happening here! That ain’t happening here!” Anthony told the rally which independent observers have described as having been ‘very massive.’

“No house of parliament will be demolished,” he declared.

“Chastanet, without an iota of consultation with the opposition – with the people of Saint Lucia,decides he is going to knock down the parliament of Saint Lucia – knock down the printery.”

According to Anthony, the PM is a newcomer to the politics of this country.

He declared that Allen Chastanet has not fought political battles in this country and is no Philip Pierre.

“You have not even contributed anything to this country, anything tangible, yet you want to destroy the Citadel of our democracy, the parliament of Saint Lucia,” the former Prime Minister said of his successor.

“And if you see they try  -if you see he tries to destroy parliament, every Saint Lucian must join hands and put a ring around the building of parliament to protect that building,” Anthony told the rally outside the Castries Market, which was preceded by a protest march from the Vigie playing field.

He described Prime Minister Allen Chastanet as ‘ a destroyer of everything in his sight.’



  1. Kenny Anthony has learnt anything from the colossal rejection of the SLP from office. Your belligerent words exacerbate the political tribalism in the country. Even though I agree with you that everyone Mr. Chastanet touches leads to ruin. However, you are no longer the PM, yet you want to speak with the authority of an dictatorial ruler. The UWP has made a mess of everything but the SLP was almost equally bad. You, Kenny Anthony, has nothing to shout about your tenure in government. St. Lucians need another viable option than these two failed political parties. Both parties have contributed to the long suffering and abject misery of most Lucians. The problem is that most politicians look after themselves, family and friends instead of empowering the poor man and woman.

  2. Opposition wanting ugly buildings to stick around when this is the first set of structures the tourist see when the cruise ships dock. And we wonder why the only foreign investors we attracting are Chinese restaurants and S&S lookalikes.

  3. Ugly buildings all. Knock them down and put aesthetically pleasing buildings that will lift the spirits of our people. Knock down the old prison building as well and put its photo in a museum with the caption: ” Where the British used to subject our people to their brutishness”.

  4. Those ugly buildings some of you speak of are also historic buildings. Historic buildings are preserved because it is part of our cultural heritage, it keeps our integrity as a people. It serves to educate current and future generations.

    Folks, stop making surface statements and take the time to analyze before you start typing.

    • We barely know our own identity but you speak of cultural heritage? The only culture we have here is to be educated enough and the best of us abandon the country to go work for white people in their country. Who are we preserving these buildings for? The foreigners who are going to come and buy up the property around it because it enhances their investments? We’re holding back our economic development so that the place looks a little nicer, less affordable for us and only affordable for foreign investors?

      Castries is undergoing a transformation. A lot of nice buildings are going up and land values are rising.

  5. We are a nation of hate. We ran to the liars,deceitful ,money hungry Politician and some people backing them for gain who cannot wait they turn. We say we are a bless nation but we don’t do that for god. The word of the lord says in Chronicles 7:14 if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. That is the solution for our problem. Not the the Political Ministers who spread hate. Stop using god for you’ll agenda because you’ll don’t follow his word. playing his songs and reading scripture and inciting hate. Go and pray. You’ll are not our answer.

  6. I hope when they are ready to demolish the buildings he and his followers can come lay down in the path of the works for us to demolish them first and continue with our project like nothing happened. this man is one Educated Ass I tell you always trying to insight political division at every chance he gets.

  7. But what has the pm done to be pm? Not going through the struggles of a life means to him even if he makes a mistake he thinks since money always fixed it before then it can fix it again. The country is not like the pm family

  8. Allan will win the next election we do not want slp back in power they had their chance and did northing for st .lucia. Kenny think we are stpuid .

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