Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, declaring that the late Arsene James was  ‘ the consummate gentleman’, has said that in an era where politics has become ‘so nasty’, the deceased ‘stayed above the fray.’

“You never heard him say anything derogatory about anybody else and he always had a dry sense of humour if he was going to be critical of you,” the Prime Minister told reporters Monday.

“Regardless of what was said against him he shrugged it off as politics. I know it hurt him, but he always allowed the people and the community to remain at the forefront – to be the centre of the discourse.”

Chastanet observed that the late Arsene James had ‘great humility’ and was a statesman.

He recalled that when James served as leader of the opposition and was removed, he never threw his party ‘under the bus.’

“He continued to play his role and he was really the consummate team player in that regard.”

Chastanet said young people who may be discouraged by politics can look back at the history of Arsene James.

“I think he has set an incredible example – a very high standard for the rest of us,” the PM declared.


  1. Sir, why are you saying that now? Did you ever played nasty politics with that Gentleman? Did you ever told him all those kind words?He don’t need that anymore; so please stop that, let him rest in peace.

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