Press Release:–  Today, the Saint Lucia Labour Party salutes a fallen stalwart in the person of Augustin “Lio” Lionel of Babonneau who passed away on Tuesday 19th June and is to be buried on Sunday 1st. July 2018.

In the days when it was not so popular to be a frontline supporter of the Labour Party in Babonneau, Augustin “Lio” Lionel stood firmly and loudly in support of the SLP and for many years was the go-to contact for all political intelligence required by the Party about the political ground in Babonneau.

“Lio”, as he was affectionately known, must be credited for the Party’s discovery of David Kenneth John who became Labour’s victorious candidate in the 1997 general elections. David’s short political life which was brought to a tragic end while attempting to save a bather at Grande Anse beach on July 1st. 1998, so dramatically altered the political landscape of Babonneau that the SLP’s three subsequent election victories in Babonneau, can be ascribed to his legacy: Michael Gaspard in the bi-election of 1998, Felix Finisterre in the 2001 general elections and Alvina Reynolds in 2011. Augustin Lionel must be given a share of that legacy.

It is a remarkable twist of fate that Augustin “Lio” Lionel’s body will be laid to rest on July 1st, the day which marks the 20th anniversary of David Kenneth John’s death.

The Labour Party will forever be grateful for Lionel’s contribution for the inroads made into the political landscape of Babonneau. His loyalty and dedication will never be forgotten.

May his soul and the soul of David rest in perfect peace.


  1. It is shameful the those political parties in this country are able to fine glowing words at the passing of a faithful supporter(s)…Did you all visit him in his later days…have the leaders visit the family home ..or even call. since his passing..Give me a break!!!!…The next thing you will hear is wearing the colour…red..yellow…blue at his furneal. e.g. ask those close to Abel…..Compton and the UWPs…..His DOB/DOD…pass and nothing is said or done…..

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