Trouble appears to be brewing at the Castries Constituency Council (CCC), over the appointment of a Chief Executive Officer, (CEO).

Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, on July 27, 2018, dispatched a letter to the Chairperson of the Administration Committee of the CCC, Leslie Prospere, expressing ‘disappointment’ at his recent action in ‘unilaterally’ halting the process of appointing a CEO.

Francis asserted in the letter, a copy of which has been obtained by St Lucia Times, that he was advised that Prospere acted on the instructions of Local Government Minister, Fortuna Belrose.

According to the Mayor’s letter, Prospere’s action in taking direction from the Minister pertaining to the recruitment of the CEO conflicts with the Castries Constituency Act #1 of 2012, Section 12.

The document declared that the section states that the council ‘shall regulate its own procedure.’

Francis also quoted Section 23 of the act in support of his case.

The operations of the CCC are currently the subject of a review by Ms. Claudia Francis.

However, Mayor Francis said in his letter that to add ‘insult to injury’ the very person undertaking the review is the individual that the Minister wishes to make CEO.

“Can someone with a vested or entrusted interest in being a CEO be fair in her assessment of the current board? Have you asked yourself that question?” He wrote in his letter.

The Mayor explained that the appointment of a CEO cannot be an ‘imposition’ by the Minister, but a process determined by the council.

He observed that the council would not be ‘unmindful’ of the minister’s wishes, provided that they are articulated through the ‘proper channels’.

Francis stated that Section 28 of the CCC Act allows the minister only to give general direction, but does not permit ‘day to day’ interference.

The Mayor announced in his letter that he was proceeding with the appointment of a CEO, via the council.

The document was copied to Local Government Minister, Senator Fortuna Belrose.






  1. Well, i don’t know about how the FRANCIS-ES came about and i don’t know who like it or not. I only have an observation; we now have M Francis, H Francis, P. Francis, Mrs. Francis here and there. I only hope that Lucia farther Sir John agree with dat, or else look out him.
    Major, defend your cause you heareeee.

  2. I hope Minister Belrose understand clearly her limitations in relation to Administration of the CCC. As a retired PS, She ought to be Familiar with the process.

    While I do not wish to join in any discuss geared to prevent someone from gaining their daily bread, I concur with the Mayor that this do sound fishy.

    Obviously there is a great possibility the the review may not reflect the actual. besides that, the Saint Lucia public without a doubt knows that Mayor Peterson Francis is on record as the most active, the most effective Mayor Saint Lucia have ever had and his performance cannot be questioned.

    So my advice to both Minister Belrose and Ms. Claudia Francis is to be careful because the public is aware of this Man performance.

    I hope that this situation we be resolved amicably.

  3. The Castries Mayor has done some good and he should be applauded for that. However, his head is swollen with all the praise and accolades. His ego has become overly inflated. It needs to be pricked so it can be deflated. He has become arrogant and think he is the law. The man is inebriated with power.

    • The Mayor has not changed one bit. How can you so he has an ego. The volume of work done reflects teamwork of which he is the head. Its not only of his doing. If the mayor was as you described, the staff would not work the way they do. One of the greatest achievements an administrator can have is the willing participation of his/her charge to affect change and promote growth. If the mayor has achieved that, then he has earned the right to be proud. Best mayor ever.

  4. There should be no interference. MAYOR IS RIGHT. I hope chas ready for the backlash that his ministers are doing.

  5. The mayor is clearly doing his job as the CCC Act proclaims. The minister should never have entertained the Administration Committee for their “interference” in appointing a CEO. The mayor put his cards on the table in black and white with no shades of grey, he is going through the due process as the Act dictates. No more, no less.

  6. Government agencies are in St. Lucia are not used to productivity. So they are totally shocked by the Mayor’s performance and wish to put an end to it.

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