The Trade Union Federation (TUF) has expressed concern about governance without consultation, with the President of the trade union group, Julian Monrose, asserting that the concern relates in particular to the way the government carries out its business.

“Yes, we understand that you have elections every five years and politicians are elected to govern, but you cannot govern without including and  without consulting the people you are working on behalf of,” Monrose observed in an interview with St Lucia Times.

He described as “archaic thinking’ the type of governance that has “crept” into this country where a cabinet believes it is its sole responsibility to do as it pleases and pass whatever policy it deems necessary.

“You have to engage people because you don’t have a carte blanche arrangement where you do as you please,” the TUF President explained.

Monrose made reference to the proposed new Border Control Management Authority which would involve the amalgamation of several agencies, including the Customs and Excise Department.

He declared that the Customs Officers, as major stakeholders, should be the first to be consulted.

“You don’t take a position and then choose to consult them,” Monrose, who is also President of the Saint Lucia Teachers Union (SLTU), asserted.

He also pointed out that in making changes to the health sector, doctors, nurses and health care workers, as well as the public need to be consulted since health care is “public business.”

Monrose spoke ahead of a TUF executive meeting scheduled for Wednesday.

He disclosed that one of the agenda items is a review of this country’s industrial relations climate.

Monrose told St Lucia Times that in about one week’s time there will be a TUF general council meeting to review the situation and take positions required by the membership of the trade union group.

“The Trade Union Federation takes its position from the membership – nobody else, whether it is religious, political – no other entity will direct the Trade Union Federation because they will not direct the operations of the individual unions,” Monrose explained.

He recalled that the TUF is on record as articulating its opposition to the privatisation of social services, whether this relates to health, education or any such sector.

“Issues of health and education – these are public goods and it is the responsibility of  the government to provide these,” the TUF President stated, adding that the private sector can exist side by side with the public sector since people must have choices.

“We believe that everybody is entitled to health care, everybody is entitled to quality education, particularly the poor people – they are entitled to have certain safety nets to protect them,” Monrose said.




  1. Grynberg scandal? Not mentioned. Juffali? not mentioned. Rochamel? not mentioned. Pot calling the kettle black, methinks.

    • Monrose is a labour hack. He is nearly as bad as Dolor and Henry Charles. These guys don’t give a damn about civil servants only the sweet job their labour masters would give them if they take power. I find Monrose take long.

  2. I didn’t hear u say nothing when Kenny gave
    the teachers no increase .but now u talking about governance without consultation,that means that Kenny consulted with u to give da teachers nothing.everyone can see you are politically motivated

  3. HONY TONK WOMAN AND CONCERNED CITIZEN. stop being HACKS. Don’t attack the messenger because u don’t like the message. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Are u blind? The governance of the country is going in the wrong direction. Be real man

      • Honky (or is it Horny) tonk woman,”We are all entitled to our own opinions” yet you attack Monrose when he expresses his. Doesn’t that say something about your state of mind or intelligence? Or are you just one of Chastanet’s 43% with preschool education? Or are you just a hack at all cost? Your response will confirm which one.

  4. Yeah the country is going in the wrong the direction so let’s put it in Kenny’s hands and let him take care of thing and give you perfect consultation. But do you realize that every time he gets of office that’s when everyone finds out the stuff he does which impacts the country that no one knew about before? Ya’ll labour HACKS acting like if KENNY IS GOD and the PARTY can’t do no wrong. YES they can do wrong and do alot the only thing is they hide it perfectly only to be discovered when they don’t expect to be out of office and also YA’LL HACKS KEEP FORGETTING their WRONGS or suffer with SELECTIVE MEMORY LOSS. Monrose hush your mouth and whine with the horrible voice of yours.

  5. I agree with every single words said by Mr. Monrose, he’s spot on. For a country to do well, the government must be inclusive and consultative. This administration is creating bedlam in the country by its ‘know it all’ bravado. The leader has no leadership qualities. His colleagues are spineless, unethical and egotistical. They have squandered their one chance of governing. They should be chased out of government. This administration is a total waste.

      • Honky tonk woman, I carry no water for the two main political parties. They are almost like twin brothers. Both have little interest in the people’s well being. They talk a very good talk in opposition but it’s all about self- interest in government. I despise the two equally. I expected the present administration to be people oriented but they have proven to be lovers of themselves. It’s undeniable that they lack moral fortitude and fall woefully short of intelligent leadership. Their sole focus seems to be on the tourism sector. They are prepared to literally give away humongous portions of the people’s patrimony and tax dollars to foreign hoteliers while ordinary locals can ill-afford to purchase basic foodstuff for their families. Their election promises were just a subterfuge to get into office to accumulate wealth and throw around their weight. They should go.

  6. Mr. Monrose, state your position clear,: are you a politician, a trade Unionist or an educator? You see, you have me confused; hope you know your position though!

    • Of what significance is that question? You people just can’t deal with the reality which is hitting you in the face as a result you try to deflect and change message.

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