‘Poll St. Lucia’ App Gaining Momentum

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Press Release:- Since its recent re-introduction in time for the 2021 Saint Lucia general elections, the Poll St. Lucia app has been gaining not only wide-ranging feedback, but increasing momentum.

General elections are slated for Monday, July 26, 2021, and contesting political parties are now in full campaign mode. The Poll St. Lucia app is, therefore, a crucial platform to gauge the pulse of the electorate in real-time and will certainly assist them in making their choices.

With a sufficiently large uptake among voters, the Poll St. Lucia app has the potential to become a more accurate way of predicting the outcome of the elections than the official polls. The free yet powerful app can reach many more among the electorate than the typical paid election poll.

The information is submitted anonymously with only basic profile information being collected about gender and age group, along with party and candidate choice. Once a user has completed his or her voter profile, that user will be able to see the aggregate submission from all those who have downloaded the app.

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“We want to thank the Saint Lucian public for rallying behind the app and sharing it to the point where it’s now exceeded 3,000 downloads,” said Ian Mitchell, Managing Director of eMagine Solutions Inc. “This figure is more than twice the number of downloads for the app in the 2016 general elections in Saint Lucia. So we encourage people to continue downloading and sharing the app, thereby allowing us to make more accurate predictions.” 

Five years ago, the app was introduced amid great fervour and excitement blended with voter apathy among the youth, providing a platform for people to have their voices heard. People of voting age are encouraged to download and share the app with friends and family to get a truer picture of what Saint Lucians at home and abroad really feel about their parties and candidates. 

While acknowledging that an anonymous mobile app such as the Poll St. Lucia app would have certain inherent biases, Mitchell said there are key pros and cons that must be considered.


  • With an anonymous poll, people are more likely to be more honest with their responses, including indicating their candidate of choice.
  • The use of a mobile app allows for a greater reach and sample size compared to physical canvassing. The mobile app is also more cost-efficient than physical canvassing.


  • It is easier to verify profile data such as age group and gender with in-person polling.
  • The accuracy of the app’s predictions is more contingent on larger sample sizes while in-person polls with scientific audience sampling typically require smaller audiences for reliable predictions. 

Mitchell added that while polls conducted by statisticians would include scientific methods and analyses of sample sizes and demographics, the results from the Poll St. Lucia app are raw, open, unadulterated, unbiased and unfiltered. 

He welcomed media and statisticians to use the information and apply their scientific analysis as it pertains to margin of error, characteristics of the audience and how that can influence the observed results, and typical sample size per constituency that is needed to give a fair prediction. 

Mitchell noted that the criticisms that the app has attracted, including those obviously influenced by partisan bias, will be used in a constructive manner to improve the service it offers. One particularly noted criticism is the tendency for younger persons to comprise the audience as older persons would not likely install such an app. This was known and expected as this is the case with almost any form of technology. However, it is the hope that the engagement generated by this app will actually encourage younger persons to be more involved in the political process as has been the repeated concern over many election periods.

Here are some interesting statistics generated by the app as at July 15, 2021:

  • Over 3,000 people have participated in the survey using the app. 
  • The 18-44 years old demographic account for 78% of the results. 
  • Women account for 67% of the respondents, while 33% of the respondents were men. 
  • The UWP has received 59% of the total votes, followed by the SLP with 34%, the NGP with 1%, and Independent Candidates with 6%. 

The app is available for Android via the Google Play Store or for iPhone via the Apple Store by searching for “Poll St Lucia.” It can be downloaded via the company website at https://www.emagine.lc/pollstlucia

Alternatively, iPhone users may download the app from the following iOS link https://apps.apple.com/us/app/poll-st-lucia/id1573849089. Android users may download it from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=lc.emagine.poll.stlucia. On Facebook, go to https://www.facebook.com/pollstlucia

Media houses are also encouraged to discuss the results of the polling as part of their programming during the upcoming general elections. The leader-board can be viewed at https://emagine.lc/voter_app_manager/insights/.

In January 2020, the number of mobile connections in Saint Lucia stood at 196,000 – equivalent to 107% of the total population. There is a growing comfort among mobile users who increasingly use mobile apps. As such, there is no greater and more accurate means for soliciting the views of our electorate than via the Poll St. Lucia app.

“We are trying to have at least 10,000 downloads of the app before elections day,” said Mitchell. “Therefore, we encourage people of all political persuasions to appeal to their supporters to download the app, participate in the poll, and make their voices heard.”

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