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Updated on June 2, 2020 9:26 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 9:26 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 9:26 am

Post Mortem Thursday For Reyes Smith – Mother Speaks

A post mortem examination has been scheduled for Thursday on young suspected drowning victim, Reyes Smith, relatives say.

The seven year old died last week.

His mother Karena Smith told St Lucia Times that she, her two daughters, Reyes and the children’s grandmother went down to the Jetrine river in Saltibus.

Karena Smith

Smith said the community had been without water for about a week and residents went to the river to bathe.

She recalled that she later told Reyes to accompany her to get some mangoes ‘up river.’

Smith explained that when it started getting late she sent the boy back in the company of two adults.

“When he reached half way he decided to come back,” the grieving mother told St Lucia Times.

“I went a little higher up to get some mangoes from another mango tree. When I went to look for the mangoes there had three people in the river – two gentlemen and one girl. The girl’s boyfriend told my boyfriend that Reyes went up but he came back and he went down the river,” Smith recounted.

She disclosed that upon learning that the child had gone ‘down river’, they went to look for him.

It was only after several others joined in the search that the boy was eventually found.

Emergency officials said seven year old Reyes Smith was unresponsive when an ambulance transported him from the Jetrine river to St Jude Hospital.

He was later pronounced dead.

Smith described her deceased only son as having been a helpful little boy.

“He used to feel like he was the man of the house. He would help you, he would console you if he saw you sad. He was bright, an intelligent little boy,” the 32-year old mother told St Lucia Times.

Reyes  was a student of the Saltibus Combined school.





  1. Some parents are too Negelent towards their Kids in St.Lucia .If you had taken him with you to look for Mangoes He would still be alive .Why you didnt take him along with you ?.

    • Pay …ou paka tan , she went with him but when it was getting late she sent him back with 2 adults…the adults should not have allowed him to go back in search of his mother….u cannot blame the mother for wanting to keep him safe whilst going to get fruits….if u have nothing constructive to do then *** **** **…R.I.P Reyes

      • She should have been in 24 hour lock down not looking for mangoes. She deserves to be arrested for her negligence

    • What is wrong with people. Read what the mother said. She is not to blame and comments such as yours are highly irresponsible. Try having compassion. The woman just lost her son.

  2. Leave her alone. If you cannot say good keep quiet. Whether she was not mindful enough, she is grieving now. We all make mistakes in life and no one can tell what will happen before hand. What haven’t met you, has not passed uou yet, so shut your mouth. Be kind and compassionate.

  3. As a mother this must b a difficult time 4 this mother n i sympathize with her…but what i want u ppl to know is therrs no way to prevent death if thats the way he had to die that it…we dont no the day the time or the hour but death is around n god has all of us death in records for god knows best…may this lil boy soul rest in peace

  4. People are so quick to judge. Where is the compassion, a mother has lost her son. We can’t even begin to imagine what she’s dealing with. In addition to grieving for her child, she now has to defend herself against all these accusers.

  5. My sincere condolences to the family especially the parents. For person who are pointing fingers please put yourself in the shoes of the mother. She has lost her son whom it appears, she loved very much.
    Furthermore, there is nothing wrong with going to bathe in the river and getting some mangoes. For those who are too privileged to understand please keep quiet.

  6. Your primary responsibility as a parent is to ensure your kids are safe. In this case the parents have failed this handsome lil boy. Sad.

  7. Behind the curtain of anonymity of the internet people always the most holiest and most perfect people in the world. This was a tragic accident if you can’t send condolences to the boys’ family why don’t just not a leave a snide message to hurt the mother further…

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