Saturday, October 19, 2019

Poultry farmer loses 2000 chickens during storm

Poultry farmer Linus Bernadine suffered a major setback Thursday night, when high winds associated with Tropical Storm Kirk destroyed his chicken houses at Babonneau.

Bernadine told St Lucia Times it resulted in the loss of 2000 broiler chicks.

He explained that the loss has impacted significantly on his livelihood.

“This is what I am expecting to put bread on my table,”  Bernadine stated.

He estimated that his losses are in the region of some $90,000.

Bernadine said he does not know how he will recover from the calamity.

“Right now I am just on the farm demolishing things,” he said.

“What happened is that these birds, I just got them on Wednesday last week and the storm was Thursday night,” Bernadine disclosed.

The poultry farmer recalled having left his home for Vieux Fort to pick up the chicks.

“I got back home about ten past nine in the night, I put the birds down and that was it,” he stated.

“Friday morning I had no choice but to bury them,” he told St Lucia Times, adding that both of the chicken pens on his property had been destroyed by the storm and the chicks that were in them died.

“I am flat down – everything is just gone,” Bernadine lamented.

“I have a capacity of about 7000 birds and all of that is flat down,” he said.


  1. Shame buddy,you should have left them in the box,they traveled in,inside your house,in your bedroom,under the bed.If they were worth so much to you.Now cry,your a….off,see if there is a vacancy in the dum club,join the club.

    • Can you show a bit more empathy? Black people need to be kinder to each other, the time for us to fight amongst ourselves needs to end.

  2. Really Dude 90gs for 2000 birds that means you sell wholsesale at $45 per Bird? ridiculous man. local cock at the store is less than that why lie man.

    • What he means is that the whole structure has been destroyed. A structure that can take 700 birds waas destroyed including the 2000 broiler birds who are just a week old. So the lost is the total cost of buying and taking care of the birds for a week plus the cost of the 7000 capacity structure and that makes him accurate unlike how you understood it. Thank you.

  3. I am certainly sure the $90 000 he estimated does not only include the cost of the birds. What about the pens, the fixtures in them and the labour to make his farm what it was? We need to be more emphatic when others are in distress.
    To you farmer I say hang in there. You are down and out now, the here is always a brighter future to look forward too. Pick up your pieces and make the best of it.


    • That to is my thoughts…and I’m thinking no we have not learn the true purpose of insurance, though costly , it comes in handy…and if you conduct your affairs well the payment ought to be tax deductible… I am empathic ..but we are living in area where storms are a yearly thing being prepared isn’t a hard… Bet you he will be seeking tax payees help..

      • Insurance in St. Lucia makes no sense to me. The way I was educated about insurance, it is supposed to be a pool of money the insured contribute to. Realistically, only a fraction of people in that pool will ever need to take from that pool to cover losses. But the system is very broken here, leading to costly insurance. I would even say it’s a con game.

        As an example, I paid life insurance for twelve years. Afterwards I cancelled. Simply put, what I had accumulated in those twelve years was half what it would have been had I put that money into a savings account. Plus, it would only take another 40 years to completely cover the insured amount after which time the insurance company can just hand back the premiums you’ve paid to the beneficiaries.

        Without the insurance, putting that money in a savings account would have guaranteed in half the time I would be able to pay my own insurance coverage.

        I was paying a $73 a month policy with a payout of $50,000 on death from the time I was 19 years old. After 12 years the cash value was only $6,000 but I was penalized $600 for cancelling before the 15 year mark. Still, that was a $2000+ savings than if I had continued paying the premium, half of which does not go to the cash value, for another 3 years.

        Don’t even get me started on health insurance. A diabetic patient has $2000 a year in expenses to cover medication and other medical expenses. Me, a young, healthy, stupid teenager was paying a quarterly premium of $450 for an 80% discount on all my medical expenses. So I was giving some fat cat $1800 a year for next to zero medical expenses. I don’t think I bothered to pay those premiums beyond the second year. So, fast forward to the present, my savings on not paying health insurance premiums is probably over $21,000. My health expenses, in that time frame of 10 – 14 years, a pair of glasses and some dental work, probably less than $2000.

        Private insurers are messed up in this country. Everyone should be paying insurance into a pool because only a small fraction of those people are going to need to dip into that pool making the costs to everyone very low.

        Germany, everyone pays health insurance. England, the same. And the price is the same that you would pay for NIS. You get your teeth looked after, your eyesight looked after and your diabetes taken care of. Imagine getting affordable private health care at Tapion Hospital.

  5. In America the government subsidize farming in St lucia farmers get nothing no help from the government but they all support the foreign elite hoteliers

  6. The 2000 chicks he could have saved from death.Obviously,he never heard that there was a storm coming.The chicks were one week old,they are vulnerable to everithyng.2000 chicks are 20 boxes,or less,these boxes can be kept,in any room,and the birds fed for a day or two,till the storm passes.If your instalations fly away,you fix.But you still have your birds,even if a few die in the boxes.Farmers shite

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