Powers of arrest urged for private security

Former Police Commissioner, Cuthbert Phillips, has called for powers of arrest to be given to some private security guards once they become certified after a course of training at the Police Training Academy at La Toc.

“You have the police training school – sometimes that training school if you are not recruiting, it might be empty. That area can be used as a training school for private security officers. Action has to be taken in the light of what is happening,” Phillips asserted.

The former Police Commissioner is of the opinion that the training for the security officers should be paid for either by them or the company seeking to hire them.

He expressed the view that private security companies should only be allowed to hire certified security officers who would be able to support regular police officers in their fight against crime.

The former top cop said certified security officers should be paid a minimum wage.

“Sometimes an incident happens, it is not necessary that you call a police officer from Gros Islet or whatever,” Phillips declared, adding that a certified security officer will be able to act.

He noted that police officers retire after twenty years of service.

“A policeman joining the force at nineteen or eighteen – he gives twenty years of service and is only thirty eight years of age. Now if he has left the force and taken up employment elsewhere, this is trained police officer,” Phillips observed.

He expressed the view that such an individual can be made a special constable who has the powers of arrest and can take the necessary action in the event that law enforcement is needed.

Phillips made the comments  on Thursday afternoonduring a contribution to the Radio Caribbean International (RCI) call-in programme, Newsspin.

He served as  Commissioner of Police  from 1982 to 1988.



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