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Updated on June 5, 2020 11:29 pm
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Updated on June 5, 2020 11:29 pm

Pregnant Woman Among Three Wounded By Gunfire In Gros Islet

A pregnant woman was among three people wounded by gunfire in Gros Islet on Friday night about 10.00 pm, reports from the area say.

According to information, the expectant mother, another female and a male individual who were injured were sitting ‘on the block’ on Marina Street when someone discharged several rounds into the air.

The trio sustained wounds to the buttocks and back of the legs, persons in the community say.

They are said to have been transported to hospital by private means.

Police are investigating.

There are no further details at this time.


  1. Unless they were sitting up on trees there is no way they can get hit in the buttocks while seated on the ground with shots fired in the air. But either way, their buttocks should’ve been inside under curfew. Hopefully they learn something from that.

    • Lawwwddd… I am on the floor with those comments… the story is far from coherent and yes… they should be indoors. No regard for the law.

  2. There is a 9 p.m.curfew. why are those nuts no at their homes. Officers please lock all of these idiots….

  3. Curfew is from 9pm and these Worthless Persons on the Block they were playing the fool with the Firearm .The police should Charge all of them

  4. Gun crimes have become a regular part of the landscape in St. Lucia . It is so frequent that many St. Lucians have become completely desensitized to it. This is just UNACCEPTABLE!

  5. there should be an attempted murder charge for all the people injured, plus the charge for breakling curfew. then those out during curfew should also be given a charge.

  6. What nonsense is this? They were liming on the block – during curfew hours – they should be charged for that. The person(s) who shot at them – they should be charged for having an illegal firearm(s), plus attempted murder for firing at the “foolish” people who were “liming on the block”. There are so many unlawful events with this story. Further, it seems we as St Lucians are not ready for “openess” as yet with this pandemic virus. Stupidity reigns.

  7. Bullets that come down from the sky,cant hit you on your back side,unless you are resting on your belly.This story has some problems.

  8. What’s happened to policing … curfew at 9 … they shouldn’t be on the streets! Lawless society in St Lucia …. rules for some and not for others it seems! Fair society? I don’t tbink so. Arrest them and let’s be done with them! Or heavy fines … that’s what was initially said… but of course nothing ever stands here … it’s just mayhem and lawlessness ….

  9. Whoever wrote this story makes me wonder if our PM is not smarter than a lot of us give him credit for. This is so disjointed and ridiculous that I had to comment cause I had just wasted a few minutes of my precious life given to me by my creator.

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