Pregnant Woman Rushed to Hospital After Active Hill Wall Collapses

A pregnant woman was among passengers who were rushed to hospital Friday, when a concrete wall at Active Hill collapsed.

They were among some nine passengers in the minibus that was hit the falling wall.

Bus that was driven by Williams

Damaged car

A parked car was also damaged but there was no one inside at the time of the accident.

The minibus driver, Winston Williams, told St Lucia Times that he was driving up the hill when the wall collapsed and hit his vehicle.

Winston Williams

Damaged bus

“As you can see, it mash up my van and it mash up a car,” Williams said.

“I had a pregnant lady on board – some of them got hurt some were shaking. It dent my roof and mash up the side of my bus,” he explained.

Williams told St Lucia Times that there had been numerous complaints about the wall, which he said had developed some big cracks.

He disclosed that during the week, officials from the Ministry of Infrastructure had inspected the wall and were obviously looking to do something about the accident that was waiting to happen.

But the bus driver observed that the heavy rain Friday caused the wall to collapse.

He said had school children been passing there at the time, they would have been seriously injured.

The incident occurred about noon.




  1. Well we have a government building roads for Teo ah king whiles the people of st Lucia suffer I am sure that the mini bus driver voted for chastanet

  2. That wall had business retaining anything! Allot more like that all over the island. Disasters awaiting an opportunity.

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