PRESS RELEASE:- The Artists Circle, a newly formed artist community launched on July 11th 2016 with an exhibition entitled New Perspectives.  

St. Lucia was treated to a sneak peak of the work of this talented group of local artists during the 25th Jazz and Arts Festival held in May of this year, in a four day exhibition, Spontaneous Rhythms held at La Place Carenage on Jeremie St.

Many of the group’s members also participated in the much touted Art Village just off the Choc roundabout during that same period. This diverse group of artists, headed by President and fine artist Ken Lawrence seeks to reinvigorate awareness of the visual arts in St. Lucia through exhibitions, educational programmes and community outreach.

The groups mandate is to unify the artist community here in St Lucia and to be the catalyst for the growth and development of all artist; but with a strong emphasis on the development of young and emerging artists.

Following the official launch of the Artist Circle, the exhibition will be open to the general public from   Tuesday July 12 to July 22 at the Alliance Francais building at Pointe Seraphine Castries.

The exhibition will include works of photography as well as paintings in a range of genres from the representational to expressionist works. In keeping with the Artist Circle’s mandate to promote art and artists throughout the island and beyond this exhibition will feature not only established local artists including Ken Lawrence, Cedric George and Janet Lang, Nancy Cole-Auguste Chester Williams and Gary Butte, but also up and coming artists Jean Mederick and Nicole Edgecombe.

Following the opening artists and interested persons will be treated to a variety of brief art workshops throughout the two week period of the exhibition. Interested persons can follow the Artist Circle on Facebook and Instagram to keep abreast of all events.

The Artist Circle wishes to encourage all persons and those wishing to join this expanding community to come on by and enjoy and be inspired by these creative sons and daughters of the soil.