Press Release:-  Chester Dupres, Tennis Coach and Sandals Halcyon Team Member for over a decade, remains fully integrated in the delivery of first class service to his guests. Chester is the embodiment of what the hospitality sector should be, having some three decades of experience under his belt.

His defining feature has been his involvement in sports and community work. He has given many years of service to the Cricket Association; to football through the Black Hearts and Veterans Football Associations; the Athletics Association; Special Olympics; the Desruisseaux Youth & Sports Council; Tennis Association and the Southern Amateur Athletics Association.

Heavily involved in his Church through community services, he has been ministering to inmates at the Prisons and feeding the elderly in the community. Chester is the winner of many accolades including the Managers Award; He is a 5-time winner of the Sandals Foundation Award; and very importantly Winner-Most Nominated Trip Advisor Award. His most meaningful award is the recent Team Member project award, which gives him the right to execute a project in the community where he lives, in Babonneau.

“This is very important to me” he says, “because it allows me to do what I love, for the company that I love.  I submitted this project idea to the Sandals Foundation, and I won for my resort. This means that I have EC$5,000.00 to spend in my community, on a project that I think is worthwhile. We are working with two contractors, one of whom has a daughter who attends the Babonneau Primary School, and the other contractor lives in the community.”

Chester’s project at the Babonneau Primary School will be conducted in two phases. “The first part is the construction of the railing for the steps leading to the top floor of the school. Then on the grounds, right across the entrance, is an open drain. Many accidents have occurred there, as children fall into this constantly. We are now putting a concrete slab over this drain, to protect the children from injury in that area.”

“The second phase of the project we will do at the back of the school building, where there is a severe drainage problem. Stagnant water remains on the grounds and is a breeding ground for mosquitos. This has been eradicated by placing a major drain to pick up the running water, and has fixed the issue of the standing water.”

Chester has gotten immense pleasure from this team member project. “Sandals has given me a wonderful opportunity to do something meaningful in my community and I am grateful.”