PRESS RELEASE:- For Flow TV customers there are always new and exciting opportunities and special treats to look forward to.

This proved true for 70 customers who were all rewarded with a thrilling experience curtesy of Flow and HBO they will long remember.

On Sunday, June 26 they were all treated to a Game of Thrones season finale viewing party hosted by Flow and HBO at the Pigeon Island National landmark at the site of the old military garrison.

Flow hosts an exclusive viewing party for Game of Thrones fans every year.  The fantasy drama TV series is based on the novel series A Song of Ice and Fire by author George R. R. Martin and premiered on HBO back in 2011.

Several weeks before the Game of Thrones season finale screening, Flow TV customers were so excited about the event, they were calling to ensure they were included on the list of invited guests. On the night of the event the 70 invitees showed up all excited and looking forward to a wonderful evening. They were not disappointed.

Against the backdrop of Pigeon Island’s breathtaking natural beauty they got to view the movie in style on large-screen HD TVs, in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The final episode opened with a bang and with lots of twists and turns. It wrapped up the sixth season with an explosive finale that sets up what is bound to be an epic conclusion to the drama surrounding the Iron Throne

Whist viewing the movie, Flow’s guests were treated to eats and drinks and they also got the chance to win prizes from HBO. Everyone agreed that it was a fantastic experience and Flow was praised for the high level of creativity that went into organizing the event.

“Flow customers in St. Lucia joined the global audience who tuned in for the sixth season finale of Game of Thrones. For us it was a pleasure to create this exclusive opportunity to ensure that our customers and GOT fans get a chance to share in the excitement,” said Flow Marketing & Communications Executive, Shermalyn Sidonie-John.

“Unfortunately we could not accommodate everyone who wanted to be part of this year’s Game of Thrones fan experience. Our guests included customers who had signed up for the HBO and HBO/Max Combo, and existing customers already subscribed to the packages. Those who attended this year said it was an absolutely amazing experience and they had a wonderful time. They’re looking forward to next year’s event.”

The highly anticipated seventh season of the  drama series will return to HBO on Flow Channel ——. Full of the action, adventure and suspense, viewers can look forward to enjoying new and exciting developments and meet new characters in the epic series by signing up for HBO and HBO/Max Combo