Press Release:-St Lucia was represented over the weekend in the neighboring island of Martinique by a team of pool (billiard) players in a tournament dubbed ” the kweyol cup”.

The team comprised of Nigel Eudoxie (captain),Cyrus Belas, Robert Emmanus, Gilroy Pultie, and Dwain Edward.

  The team tournament between the national teams of St. Lucia and Martinique dubbed the Kweyol Cup was initiated by the St. Lucia Interim Pool Association as part of plans to establish an annual regional pool team tournament and took place in Martinique over two days from the 26-28 August.
The idea was that of international Guyanese pool player based in the UK, Ramesh Danny Gokhul a friend of the Pool Associations of the two countries.
He was also very instrumental in getting the tournament off the ground. The format of the tournament was based on the Mosconi Cup an annual pool team tournament between Europe and the USA.
In the case of the Kweyol Cup there was a mix of 8,9 and 10 ball with singles and doubles and was a race to six sets. It was very competitive but in a spirit of friendliness. Four of the sets went to the wire, three of which were won by St. Lucia.
At one point Martinique had St. Lucia 3-0 and by the end of Day 1 the scores were level at 3-3. On Day 2 St. Lucia won 3 sets straight to capture the Kweyol Cup.
 According to a team spokesperson the result of the competition does not reflect incompetence on the opposing team.
He described their French opponents as highly competitive.
He also express heartfelt gratitude on the hospitable way in which they were treated.
The second leg of the competition is expected to be held in St Lucia later this year and discussions are in place to extend the competition to Barbados and Trinidad next year.
The triumphant team returned home on Sunday evening on the heels of the up coming Chairmans Reserve ball-in-hand competition