Press Release: The three Sandals St. Lucia Team Members of the Year were back in school this week, but not because they needed any emergency remedial work, rather it was to share their stories of excellence with the students of the Entrepot Secondary School, a school which interestingly, they all had the pleasure of attending as children.

The Entrepot Secondary School is celebrating its 46th anniversary this year, and held a special assembly to honour former students Neil Jammer Georges, Sandals Resorts Ultimate Team Member of Year, along with contemporaries Marcus Monrose (Regency La Toc), and Davina Reynolds (Halcyon). All three have been recognized as role models for the school and were invited to address the over 650 students.

Davina highlighted the importance of the three P’s – Perseverance, Patience and Positivity in growing strong qualities that are a prerequisite for the workplace. She spoke to the need for a consistently good attitude and the relevance of a good education, while pointing out that the Sandals Corporate University is a good tool that can help to provide necessary skills for further growth and development.

Marcus stressed on the importance and relevance of discipline. He got down to basics, drawing parallels between expectations within the school setting that are necessary and which prepare students for a quick and seamless transition into the workforce.   

Neil spoke to the students in a language they could easily understand, using music and dance to appeal to them. When his energetic performance was over, he advised them, “you can be whatever you want to be, with hard work and dedication. Because when you have bills to pay, and you have to eat, you want to have a good job that can give you the things you want.” Neil impressed upon the students that “…having a talent can open doors within the industry, to jobs within the entertainment department. There are opportunities to have fun all day, while earning a good living.”

The Assembly came to a close with remarks from Ryan Matthew, Regional Group Manager – Human Resources & Training. He zoned in on the importance of the creation of skilled workers for the Tourism sector, cited as the world’s fastest growing and ever changing industry. He left the students with this lasting quote “use every opportunity to learn. While you are in school, this is the time to soak up all of the information you can. Have fun, but work hard and learn how to be your best self.”