Friday, February 21, 2020

Prices of Gasoline, Diesel & LPG Decrease

Press Release:– In keeping with changes in international oil prices and Government’s application of the modified market pass-through petroleum pricing mechanism, the retail price of gasoline, diesel, LPG 20, 22 and 100 lb cylinders has changed. The retail price of kerosene remains unchanged.

The price changes take effect from Monday, September 9, 2019:

Gasoline decreased from $3.07 to $2.98 per litre or $13.95 to $13.57 per gallon

Diesel decreased from $2.93 to $2.88 per litre or $13.32 to $13.07 per gallon

Kerosene remains unchanged at $1.93 per litre or $8.76 per gallon

20 Pound Cylinder (9.07 kg) decreased $32.12 to $32.07 per cylinder

22 Pound Cylinder (9.98 kg) decreased from $35.61 to $35.55 per cylinder

100 Pound Cylinder (45.36kg) decreased from $204.42 to $204.16 per cylinder .

The public is informed that the next adjustment of the retail price of fuel products will be on Monday September 30, 2019.


  1. I hope y’all realize the only ones who see the real shift in prices are the providers and massive co-operations….

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