Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Priest Suspended After Baby Suffers Scratches In Violent Baptism

BBC News:- A Russian priest has been suspended and police are investigating after a one-year-old boy suffered scratches during a violent baptism.

Video showed of Father Foty Necheporenko, a Russian Orthodox abbot, plunge the child roughly into a font that appeared to be too small.

He is seen pushing on his face to submerge him and knocking his head against the sides.

The boy’s mother Anastasia Alexeeva, 24, desperately tried to intervene – saying “let him go, he’s in pain” – but the priest continued.

Following the incident involving her son Demid at the Marienburg Church in Gatchina near St Petersburg: “He did everything to hurt the child. He saw that he was big, that it was not possible to dive him into such a small font.

“He had to splash the water on his head. But still he decided to do it his way. The little one was crying and wriggling.


  1. Maybe it’s time we cease the practice of baptising children. The heck that came from anyway? Clearly not biblical.

  2. This practice is not found in the Bible. Infants are usually offered up, presented to the Lord
    prayed for, blessed and its up to the parents to raise the child in the Christian doctrine.
    Baptism started with John the Baptist, which is a full immersion of the body, at an age that
    the one knows full well, have decided to walk the way of Christ, believing in the Trinity of
    “The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit” forsaking the way of the world (as best as you can)
    it will not be easy, as in this world, the enemy of your Soul is all around to trip you up, to
    cause you to sin, but, we have an Advocate – The Lord Jesus who by His death, and His shed
    Blood is good to forgive us of all sin – if we Ask and repent of the sins – and keep trying not to sin,
    as I said, it wont be easy, but keep on and walk the extra mile. God is good He knows and you’ll be saved.
    The practice of infant Baptism is unsciptural but it wont defile the child since it is done in good faith
    but you say that to the big established churches. Follow what Mary & Joseph did, present the Child
    to the Elders, and or Pastors they will know what to do. I was Baby Baptised but later fully Baptised
    by immersion about 40 years ago. Am I perfect? No,a sinner? yes but saved by the Blood of Jesus.
    Judging my self daily, asking for forgiveness, and for others too, pleading for the Blood all the time.

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