Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Primary School Students To Take Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment In May

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The traditional Common Entrance Examinations, the sole secondary placement exam within the education system, will finally be a thing of the past as the first set of primary schools students gear up to write the CXC endorsed Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) in May of this year.

Danielle Du Bois picks-up that story:

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  1. The CPEA is a continuous assessment which the students begin in grade 5. It is far better than the one day common entrance exam that has been used in the past. Moving students to secondary school without an exam might seem like a good idea but is not practical based on our structures and biases.

  2. Do schools in SLU have a PTA where they could pose a referendum on this exercise? Already some concerned parents are speaking out, but behind closed doors, instead going straight to the source of this calamity!!

    Children and exams do not mix well … I am proof of that, where at school, I was an excellent student during the term; but at exams I was shattered. Not everyone has the stamina for such stress.

  3. Mental issues in St. Lucian kids is a real thing and this kind of examination at such an early age is really going to add to the stress and increase in that area. It is absolutely unnecessary. Society does not need more messed up children. This should indeed be scrapped, there are no real positives to children, parents or teachers. The only people that want this are those who seat behind ministry’s desks.

  4. So for years ther secondary entrance exam use to be in June but now that the children have missed out so much due to covid, it is in May. SMH

  5. This regional examination so young is very much un-necessary. St Lucia should have never agreed to this. The stress caused by examinations should not begin that early. This is coming from someone who has attained various degrees. This should be scrapped. Try building an educational system that actually matters for life. Aim for entrepreneurship and schools that build practical work skills not more exams. This is quite un-necessary. But the island is run by jokers who allow other jokers to influence them.

    • Agreed, Cathy. I think there should’ve been more consultation, especially with parents. This smells like another money making escapade for CXC.

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