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Updated on July 11, 2020 1:55 pm
Updated on July 11, 2020 1:55 pm
Updated on July 11, 2020 1:55 pm

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet Indicates That Elections Will Be ‘Very Soon!’

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has indicated that elections will be held soon.

“Very soon we will have an opportunity to go to the polls to re-strengthen that mission that we have and continue to work together to build a new Saint Lucia,” he declared in a video recording posted on his official Facebook page.

Chastanet also posted a message in writing.

The message asserted that despite ceaseless efforts to sully the work of his government, and the unashamed baseless attacks against the administration’s  most noble intentions, his government remains resolute to continue delivering a brighter future for Saint Lucians in this new and challenging world.

“Whilst they talk, we work!” Chastanet declared in the Facebook page Saturday to mark his administration’s fourth year in office.

He said that since being elected on June 6th, 2016, the UWP Government has remained focused and worked extremely hard to put Saint Lucia back on the right path to prosperity.

“Over the last 4 years, we have been able to make significant strides in our quest to “Build a New Saint Lucia which benefits ALL”, the PM observed.

“As we reflect on the progress over the last 4 years, I take the opportunity to share some 200 projects and achievements that have benefited Saint Lucians in every corner of the island and across every sector of the economy,” Chastanet said.

The Facebook post was accompanied by a link to a slide share of the achievements of the United Workers Party .



    • To replace with whom, Pip, you must be high on some red moonshine. If the other option is Pip then I’m voting Chastanet.

      • Man you must be high on something if u make the mistake of voting Chas back in office…u must be real high on some s***.

      • Pierre is exponential more qualified(Economist) to be a Prime Minister than Chastanet. The only reason people like you cannot see it is because of skin tone.

  1. The first year after Chastanet wins he will be on a jet allover the world like before. Using us as a BLACK foot stool. And GUY is just a corrupt to the core human being. A THIEF!!!

  2. Those members of the UWP are Leaches, Blood Suckers, Heartless, Insensitive, Sick, Racist,Dictatorial.

  3. You have given away our lands to Foriegners, you gave our countries monies to broke investors. Now you have drained our country and you want our votes. You better leave peacefully

    • Vision, it looks like you cannot see. The worst corruption in St.Lucia has been the last four years. So the bunch that not hungry is definitely the bunch that is stealing. That means they are just wicked.

      • National it looks like you cannot see how desperate Pip and his SLP scavengers are to come into power. Desperation can never be good when one gets power, but only for the one who got the power. SLP too desperate. If you’ll think it’s bad now wait and see when those desperate fools get in.

      • Hey MICHAEL seems you are the desperate one because you are the one referring to people as scavengers. YOUR DESPARATION IS GETTING THE BETTER OF YOU. OUH PEER

  4. I’m not gonna give pier my vote sorry not really a fan of this government but definitely don’t want SLP in charge of this country ! All who those that are saying our PM is racist are a prime example of what a stereotype is, stop the band wagon and gtfoh with y’all B******* !

  5. That’s Why the Curfew was Extended to September 2020 Just to give Contracts so that Everyone will See that Work is being Done all over St.Lucia .Millions of Dollars in Tax payments was Waived for a Hotel in St.Lucia .And the poor man always Suffer in St.Lucia .I hope that St.Lucians Ready to take a Stand like the Bajans and Grenadians .We will Get the Result at the Ballot Boxes soon .Too much Million Dollars Flying.all over St.Lucia

  6. When will St Lucians understand the working of government. We will continue to change governments every five years and remain a backward bunch cause we lack understanding. Good luck with a Prime Minister who’s answer to everything is I don’t know, I don’t think that’s what was said etc. I will say it again as I have said to Parliamentarian friends of mine, SLP should not go into the next election with Pierre as their leader. I for one will stay away from the polls and I know a few people who share this view.

    • Elections Already, why you flambeaus think you all can come here to fool people. Pip is not the one refusing to report on CIP money. Pip is not the one who took $13 million dollars to build a bypass road for Teo Arhkim after giving him our passport money. Pip is not the one giving millions of corrupt direct awards.
      SO don’t come here trying to change the focus. We are not stupid. Go understand the idiot that you are and not try to take us as fools. We know the issues.

    • You aren’t fooling anyone, you can’t destroy Mr.Pierre integrity so you try to make seem incompetent when he is not. The man is qualified economist how can we as a majority black country vote a white man who said colonialism has a conscience? St.Lucians do not fall for this false information

      • I don’t doubt Pierre’s qualifications but I have my reservation and for those idiots who sees me as one I will tell you it always takes one to see one. So I will not deny that I’m an Idiot for expressing my views but you are equally an Idiot for your idiotic comments. What qualifies the PM as being White. You need to keep your racist remarks to yourself and again I will say you have no idea how government works cause the same things you are complaining about are the same things that have been happening for years and will continue to happen even with a change of government.

      • Elections already, very nice of you to accept that you an idiot. Very good. You prove it also when you asked “What qualifies the PM as being White”? If you don’t know the answer to that then you are really an idiot. Now since when referring to somebody as white is “racist”? So because things have been going so for years I have no idea of how government works? That’s the best reason you can come up with for not making a change? Anyway I will leave you alone because you will never deny that you are an idiot and that’s good. Ok idiot?

  7. I just love those comments it shows that our people need change desparately and trust me to say it’s coming and it’s loud just wait it is coming

  8. Micheal boy i understand what you saying butvwill take my chances with pip I really dont think it can get any worse than that.

  9. An indian and a white man using blacks as footstools. Go figure. I’d take Pierre over these two and I’m no fan of his antics.

    • I like your current PM because he received part of his education here in Quebec. Also, when I heard him speak when he cane to Canada a couple of years ago, he impressed me. Mind you, I do not know much about his main political opponent. Maybe he is worthy of the job as well. All the best to you St. Lucians!


    • AA Truth Being Told, you come here for lessons. Well ok. Soon mean in a short time. And yes in the context of five year terms for administrations then one year is soon enough. But hey, whether his soon is tomorrow or next year, we want that corrupt government with its lying and racist PM out. Don’t worry, we will rally and build an economy. One PM can destroy the economy by his policies but all of us can build it back. YES WE CAN.

    • Oh yeah I want to see him bring us out of that. EC 7 billion he’ll hole TOO BAD YOU WILL BE DEAD ALREADY to see it and live thru the suffering. Can’t wait to piss on your grave.

  11. I don’t vote but this administration is the worst of the worst . I am now considering that my vote matters , there has not been , nor will there ever any administration worst than this one Anything worst than that is a guaranteed that Jesus 2nd coming is around the corner .

  12. Mary, Mary! Quite contrary, the revolution did not die with Martin Luther King Jr, It’s alive and well today worldwide.

    Mary, Mary! Quite contrary, the revolution did not die with Bro. George Odlum, The struggle continues……la lucha continúa! You better watch out ! The Revolution is coming to town soonest!



  13. Just in time..Jadia with be out of school by then,fully will be a pierre to rule this country but not will be jjp.A female PM for st.Lucia.I am no fan of her but the girl is the best for the country.Fresh out of university.See how she quiet.wait for it..Kenny teaching her well..

    Now that the PM has spoken about elections.SLP need to reshuffle because pip you need to sit,you approach things wrongly.I think a younger bunch with fresh ideas should come to the table now.I am fed up with seeing the same faces for decades.SLP guys step back and be a coach for each the 17 younger constituency reps.
    But I know Jadia is coming back with force.Fresh and Green out of school.It is then Kenny with truely step down and coach her while on this vieux fort south seat.
    See how she disappear after 2016 elections..Straight into school the september after.So e ka vinni pu zort.I ent her fan or friend, but i give jack his jacket.The girl is the one for the job.

    • Jaimee, you damn flambeau. The issue here in this election is the government’s record over this term. And will you try to run from the real issues you cannot hide the fact that the last four years has seen the worst corrupt and ineffective government. Things are bad enough that we can take our chances with anybody else. Chastanet must go!!!!!!

      • Did you read my comment to understand.I guess not…To speak of Jadia and the advise on SLP reshuffling??
        All these years of voting i never noticed SLP and Jadia were on the flambeau seat..looooollllloooouder

      • You did not read my comment to understand. The point is: in this time of crisis with a PM and government that have lost they way and very corrupt, the issue should not be Pierre or Jadia or Jaimee or Just Said. The focus is on rescuing our country. So your comment was meant to divert attention and only a damn wicked flambeau will attempt that. looooooooooooollllllloooooooooooooooooooooder. I fact I LMAOOOOO at you and your failed attempt. Now crawl back under the rock where you belong.

    • You guys (flambos) must be scared because you can’t argue on your part own merits so you are pretending to independents to sow seeds of doubt. But it won’t work because your party performance is so bad non-voters are now fed up with you guys

  14. I hope people dont forget what this country has been through from 2016 and not just remember what this guys are doing now to blind fold you.Like fixing the micoud health centre, while this health centre has been relocated for yrs upon yrs,choosing a hoRse-pital over a Hospital, where monies went into this project without worries.Now this pandemic they want civil servants to take a pay cut, self employed people like hair dressers still struggling financially.Promised a deal with Flow so that citizens wont be cut off.It is the same citizens with children needing internet to do their school work who have been cut off, cause no money.Govt digging into civil servants NIC to use their monies,the list goes on.Dont ask for this project in the south.avaitay…

  15. Long awaited. Believe this government lives in a bubble on a cloud. Everything seems to be going well for them up there

  16. Its nice to see Lucians are up and smelling the brew finally, the philistines have dug their own graves and have fallen in them. The very same poor who voted you to serve them, you turned around and called them idiots and jackasses now you expect them to put you back at the helm? Your massa days are done chief. Let’s have a son/daughter of the soil who is patriotic a chance to dig us out of the mire you have dug us into.

    Lucians watch your bread and your votes and do not be gullible by accepting chicken and beer for your votes.

  17. chastanet is a stupid man. let him do like the SLP and call early elections so that people blow him out of power. look like he never learnt his lesson from his soufriere loss. better continue with what you doing and wait at the mandated time for elections rather than rushing to do nonsense like a chicken without a head.

  18. to many labour operatives on this site stirring trouble. and posting under all different names. the PM should take his time to call elections. i for one will not be voting SLP ever. to much scandal. our name made news world wide on corona for good reason. we made news all over the last time because hilairious the volaire stole juffalli money to go run elections. i waiting to give dem a big kick again.

  19. uno you must be a labour operative too because you posting under a name that’s not yours. lol
    And you lie just like your PM. You know you lied when you said “You we made news all over the last time because hilairious the volaire stole juffalli money to go run elections”. Mind you, like you I don’t trust Ernest Juffali but you must not lie. He did not steal the money.

    • YES u are a volaire like him to and his lotto boy who take money from the government purse. you all are theives!! volaire!!!

      • whoy whoy I get uno vex. Again: I get uno vex. Sacrey . Whoooooy imagine uno don’t know me but call me volaire. That’s all uno? So what’s about Guy? You forget him? Or you volaire just like Guy?

  20. My people of St Lucia Uwp SLP two parties in St Lucia if I have to vote for SLP under the pjp I rather vote uwp.They have no vision and they are very angry people.pjp has no vision he already said the country is broke so how he is going to fixed the economy misery heading our way.Lucians use you all brain don’t let politicians use it for you all🙏🇱🇨

  21. Are you serious,or is it another one of your make ups? If true, then tell us when! or will you do us like your friend in St. Kits & nevis?

  22. Swing voters love misery. This man Allen has given away all the islands monies and nothing to show for it. Open your eyes man. You must be young

  23. You’ll had one sensible Minister and you’ll got rid of him because of the man’s private life, something that all the rest of the Ministers are guilty of, including Nancy and Chas. Now you’ll are grappling for ideas to turn the economy around. I am mobilizing dozens of Flambeaus to vote against this wicked regime.

  24. It is time this interloper, Allen Chastanet, be removed from the prime minister’s office. He cannot fix the problem because he is the problem. He and his best friend, bunker bitch Donald Trump will both be in permanent retirement.

  25. Jus5 want “Election Ready” to know that living in Canada and trying to influence voters living in St Lucia does not cur it.We who live here know what we want…Go talk to Justin…

  26. so because I’m Indian or fair skinned I’m racist. we brown coloured people are the most racist that I know. we fight down our own all the time. we have to look at it as we are St.lucia. Not one of you here have given one reason as to why the PM is a racist. So if you looking at skin color and hair what does it make Kenny. people stop with just commenting for commenting sake and put some comments where we can discuss.

    • Oh Alvin you sound confused, very confused. You say “we brown coloured people are the most racist that I know. we fight down our own all the time”. ALVIN, you cannot be most racist and fighting down your own. Racists are against others. So it looks like you are the one just coming here to comment because you don’t even know what you saying.

  27. Well they voted Kenny out cause is he the ppl didn’t want now the putting it like pjp is the problem in st lucia when he hasn’t gotten the chance. We are blind here

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