Prime Minister Clarifies Statement on Minors

Statement by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet: “Parenting is by no means an unfettered right. Parenting carries significant legal responsibilities. Parental responsibility statutes have been in effect in the United States for at least 100 years. Such is the case also in the UK.

“Most parental responsibility statutes punish parents for what they have not done rather than for what they have done. Since my statement last week many have sought to criticize me for what obviously was a misstatement. I misspoke when I stated that young pregnant mothers would be prosecuted. These are the victims and they would not be victimized further by facing prosecution. I should have stated that the parents of minors who get into that kind of trouble will be held legally responsible as well as others who are involved in illegalities involving underage individuals.

“Our hospitals, as with hospitals in most other countries, have a legal responsibility to report illegal sexual activity involving individuals below the age of consent. We must enforce and ensure these organizations are meeting those obligations.

“Too many of our young people in trouble are ignored until they have committed heinous crimes and are in the headlines.”

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