Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre Fulfills Initial Promises

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GIS:-  Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre introduced his Cabinet of Ministers on Aug. 5, at an official Swearing-In Ceremony held at Parliament House in Castries.

During his address, the Prime Minister referenced humble beginnings, and stated that he was determined to fulfil his obigations as leader.

“Many years in public life have allowed me to know the difference between an opponent and an enemy. I also understand what can turn regular human beings into something unrecognizable the minute they are placed near the lever of power. I know too that nothing lasts forever, and someday I will not be the Prime Minister,” he said.

“It has been no easy road getting to where we are today. On July 26, the people of Saint Lucia demonstrated in no uncertain terms their dissatisfaction with the previous managers of their business and placed it in the hands of the Saint Lucia Labour Party that I am privileged to lead. We are determined not to disappoint you.”

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Prime Minister Pierre also divulged that plans are in motion to address challenges that have wide-reaching effects.

“We have started delivering on our promises to the people of Saint Lucia,” he said. “This school term starting in September 2021 parents will not be called upon to pay facility fees for their children. I ask the schools to be patient as the Ministry of Finance is in the process of finalizing the arrangements.”

In addition, “the long history of conflict with the National Trust over the much-needed subvention will be no more [as] Government has decided to reinstate the subvention. We look forward to a mutually-beneficial relationship with the guardians of our environment and patrimony, and respect their autonomy in decision-making.”

Hon. Philip J. Pierre stressed that it is his intention to demonstrate that “anyone can reach the top with discipline, commitment, patience and gratitude.”

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