Thursday, October 6, 2022

Prime Minister Pierre Attends One-Day CARICOM Meeting

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Prime Minister, Hon. Philip J. Pierre will meet other Heads of Government from the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) in Barbados on Wednesday, 20th April 2022.

The meeting will also be attended by Congresswoman Maxine Waters, a representative from the Government of the United States of America.

Discussions for the one-day session will focus on De-risking and Correspondent Banking in the Caribbean.

Hon. Pierre is expected to return to Saint Lucia on the evening of Wednesday, 20th April 2022 to continue preparation for his much anticipated, first Budget Address as Prime Minister.

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In his absence, Hon. Dr. Ernest Hilaire will act as the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia.

Source: Office of the Prime Minister

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  1. It appears that the Honourable PJP is the one to determine whether CARICOM meetings are virtual or not. Also, it seem as though some commentators (in this forum) were instrumental in organizing the meeting.

    At least the Honourable one just going to Barbados. If it were “The Hurricane”, “poor jab” for our coffers.

    • …cry a river you freaking yellow pigs Oink Onik Oink…as if to say Barbados is somewhere bunch of disgusting clowns we all take LIAT in the morning to go Barbados to look papers at embassy and come back the same day …dam near a cab ride away yu’ll want to cry a blasted River GET AT LIFE !!!!!

      • I know before you go to bed at nights you pray to SLP to help you sleep well at nights, your IQ is incredibly low.

  2. Telling PIP to attend virtually is an irrelevant comment. After all, Barbados is just half hour away, less tome than it would take to travel to Vieux Fort. Usually, Prime Minister’s undertake some travel, to allow the Acting PM to take decisions that the PM is not happy to take. PIP has a good heart but he is also deceitful, like most leaders. Why else would he allow convicted criminals and conniving and openly deceitful men to join his Cabinet?

  3. Pierre, Why can’t you use technology to cut travelling cost. We have all types of platform which can be used to have secure and remote meetings with other leaders across the region and the world for that matter. What makes you believe you have to travel every time there is a meeting outside of St. Lucia. You are surely not practicing what you preach – wasting money. Is that how you put People first ?
    Asking a question for a friend.

    • …how you yellow pigs know that the urgency of the meeting the technology was in place already ?? You’ll just like to open yu’ll A$$ to assume every dam thing. If he did not think it was worthy for him to be there and of importance to St Lucia he would not have gone……at least he is not gone with a tin cup like Mr. Beggy Beggy.

  4. Couldn’t this meeting be attended remotely? Via Microsoft Teams or Zoom perhaps? people wake up, we are in the year 2022. Stop spending money uselessly. This man blasted Chas for always travelling, and look now he is doing the same. I regret voting for his party.

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