Prime Minister To Present Social Stabilization Programme For Saint Lucia

Press Release:– On Wednesday April 8th 2020, Prime Minister Honourable Allen Chastanet will present the Social Stabilization Programme for Saint Lucia in response to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Government of Saint Lucia has been focused on containing the health pandemic locally, while at the same time, coping with and planning for, the economic and social impacts.

Over the past few weeks, the Government of Saint Lucia has been meeting with various sectors of the society to get their input on the first phase of the COVID-19 Social Stabilization Programme.

The Prime Minister explains that this first Programme aims to bring immediate support and relief to those who have lost their jobs and income earning opportunities due to the effects of COVID-19 on the various sectors of the economy.

The plan will be presented on Wednesday April 8th 2020 via NTN/GIS and other local radio and television stations from 8:00PM.


    • Why did you stop planting and feeding the pigs?the PM did give yall the green light during the lockdown as essential commodity!…just saying.

  1. Prime Minister, brace yourself. No matter what you present to ‘them’ they will not be satisfied. Starting from the opposition down to those who bicker about NEMO packages and almost everything. Half a loaf is better than none Lucians…in these crucial times.

    • Nothing said/done will satisfy the locals … for they are restless! Instead of using their own God-given initiative to do something – anything to better themselves. Agriculture is an apt vocation to take up right now – even in a backyard. But, the “natives” are warm and happy in their pile of S**t. (Mwen mort.)

      • The politicians have created the welfare handout state. Give them handouts for votes. No need to create any meaningful policy or get results as the serfs will be happy to take scraps. Continue with the cronyism, nepotism and corruption and the majority dont care as they get their chicken and rum. The majority of St. Lucians are simple folk. Way too simple.

    • Lockdown open,lockdown close…i eh get a dust of flour,a grain of rice,peas or sugar…ppl saying NEMO saying if you not UWP you eh getting 4-calls…lemmie see how this one gonna play out….i lost my job 2months amid covid…i still waiting on my caddo!

  2. The lent sun is doing wonders for my tomatoes, peppers, and pumpkin I will try my hand at corn. I will keep 6 layers in a pen for them to make me eggs like granny use to do. Don’t want nobody hand out I am good. I am enjoying this melancholy reset it’s good to get back to basics, even when this has pass I will maintain it. This has done the body community good.

  3. After reading the above comment’s, i am of the opinion that there are more slaves in st lucia than during slavery itself. The slaves are really protecting the white Master. Bravo slaves.
    St lucia is under the command of a white man and an indian, what are the negroes?

    • Rich guy i hope you didn’t forget gaggling that is predominantly blacks but are also multicultural,they all had an equal opportunity for the same schoolings!ain’t no body,s fault the negroids just kept trying to bring down each other and not grasp that opportunity,they were the ones who capture their brothers and sold them dirt cheap for massa,so stop spending your entire life blaming massa

      • We are slaves indeed . we have never been emancipated .We only think that we have .The same Slave master said let us not look to what other countries are doing to help its people .Now he is forced to do what other country are doing .because he caught between a rock and a hard place and the few friends ,family and foreigners cannot save him .

  4. Some lucians away it’s not a yep thing because in laborie SLP that was giving out the Nemo bags.

  5. U self y don’t u keep quite, with ur half a loaf is better than none.Why don’t u say to the Minister sir if u doing something for us do it well… with ur bad mind

  6. Great job they finally they accepted Philip J Pierre proposal. I heard this man agitated for so many weeks it is finally bearing fruits What a shame !!! the hands of this uncaring government had to be forced. He would not only have a health and economic crisis by month end but also a social unrest crisis to deal with . these 3 issues would Create the perfect total package of perfect disaster for any right thinking government .I do not know much about you Mr .Pierre. Thank you for putting country first .

    • Point of correction I head the prime minister speech he tried to use some of Pierre’s Policy also distorted and miss applied many of them .But hat off to him he tried something .

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