Principal Responds To Viral Video Of Incident At St. Mary’s College

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The Principal of St. Mary’s College (SMC) has responded to a viral video of an incident at the school in which one boy is shown slapping and punching another after being spat on.

“We cannot tolerate that kind of behaviour,” SMC Principal Don Howell asserted.

Howell, describing the incident as unfortunate for the entire school community, indicated that a thorough investigation was underway.

“You know that St. Mary’s College stands on the principle of discipline and respect for school rules and regulations and certainly those are not the values that we teach our young men,” he told reporters.

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“We have to continue to assist our boys and to guide them and help them to deal with things in a proper way. Those boys are intelligent boys who under normal circumstances don’t give trouble at school and so we have to correct them,” the SMC Principal explained.

At the same time, he cautioned against jumping to conclusions.

Howell called attention to the tranquil atmosphere at the school while noting that students are focused in class.

In addition, he disclosed that SMC is celebrating what its students are doing.

In this regard, he recalled that Tristan Dorville had set records for Saint Lucia and SMC at a recent Peru swim meet.

Howell also mentioned the school’s performance in CXC exams.

Nevertheless, he noted that apart from intelligence and skill, discipline is important.

“If we allow the regulations to be broken we will just have lawlessness,” Howell declared.

He said he was not surprised that the young man in the viral incident had posted an ‘apology video’ on social media.

“He knows the values taught at the school and would have recognised this is not the way of a Samarian,” Howell told reporters.

“People expect great things from St. Mary’s College and rest assured that we will continue to do great things,” he stated.

Howell also revealed that the school has a clear policy on mobile telephone use at the institution.

“The investigation does include tracking down who recorded the videos. We already have that information and that matter is being dealt with,” he said.

And Howell said SMC reminds everyone that the mobile telephone policy at the institution must be enforced at all times.

Headline photo: Don Howell

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  1. So what about the boy that spat on the other guy ? Isn’t he worth to make an apology as well for spitting on the guy, I don’t blame the student for slapping and punching him up so cause if was me I would do the same if someone had spat on me

  2. All other churches have drama and relentless sexual abuse even by pastors elders etc but we target the catholic church. All other schools have endless violence…even teachers getting licks but we obsessed with SmC. I will never understand why society is so hypocrite and why it’s always Catholics or catholic schools targeted.

  3. My concern is why are you now targeting the cellphone who shot the video?? Are you trying to muzzle the students? I understand there are rules to be followed but regarding safety and security we are taught if you see something say something. Thank God, George Floyd incident was captured on video. I don’t know you but your way of handling this matter is not in compliance with where the new generation has shifted. Those kids need to be heard as they are the only ones who will be inheriting a gloomy future our corrupt society is preparing for them.

  4. Mr. Howell, my son just left in July. I am not a great fan of your leadership, but I stand with you. You don’t have to fall with the lawlessness of our present age. The this Lawyer that the court has rules which he obey.

  5. Kids having a cellphone in the 1st place is a form of luxury and this what happen in this particular incident is not just confine into that school alone. In most school on this island and it is not news to anyone is that sexual intercourse are being done within the confinement of the compound. They operate in groups. Also what needs to be noted is that students(s) are giving out other student’s contacts (facebook, instagram, whatsapp, phone number) to sexual predators who operates various business, (minibus driver, contractors, business owners and also in most cases group friends). So there are imminent need for the Education department to operate undercover, investigating various schools and students and the law cannot bent in favor of someone. Enforce the law to the fullest and any recurrence charge the parent(s). When parents are delinquent with their kids let it be known that the school environment will not tolerate such delinquent child, because once it let alone in school, you will not only be encouraging that child or also a criminal mind set is in the making.

  6. Is that all? Children have been getting into fights since the beginning of time. At least they used their fist to handle it like men and no one got shot or stabbed.


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