Probe Launched Into Police Brutality Allegation

Saint Lucia police are investigating reports that two officers and a security guard brutalised a man last week.

Confirmation of the probe came Thursday from Assistant Commissioner of Police, George Nicholas, at a press briefing.

It followed claims made by Nasha Louis of Castries that the father of her children, Augustin Pelage, was assaulted by and had to undergo surgery for injury to his eye.

Up until Wednesday Louis said that Pelage was still in hospital.

ACP Nicholas told reporters that he was aware of reports circulating in the media and social media about police brutality.

He confirmed that a report was lodged with the Police Complaints Unit alleging that a security officer and two police officers in plain clothes assaulted a male individual.

“That matter, because of the fact that it involves a person who is not a police officer, I don’t think the Complaints Unit is the best place for that report to have been made, so that report would be transferred to the CID where a criminal investigation would ensue,” Nicholas explained.

He said it has not been confirmed whether two police officers were indeed involved and the alleged aggressors were aboard a police vehicle.

“The report was only made yesterday and we are still carrying out investigations to ascertain whether or not the two persons that were allegedly involved were indeed police officers and whether the vehicle involved was indeed a police vehicle,” the Assistant Commissioner of Police indicated.



  1. She Stabbed Her Boyfriend who lives in Boguis .He was admitted at the Icu for days then Transferred to ward 9 .He is now Recovering at his Aunt,s Home in .She should be arrested and Charged for Grevious harm Because the Boyfriend Lungs was Punctured .

  2. People sometimes have what ia called selective amnesia; they purposely remember what they want , and magnify only the things the want people to focus on. Why some people choose to stay in abuse relationships, baffles me. Many years ago, one former neighbor of mine in St. Thomas, USVI was beaten up by his live-in girlfriend, when someone called the police and the police arrived, the boyfriend told the police that he did not mind the cuts that she gave him, it just that there was too much blood. Some people have rally low self-esteem.

  3. I’m, really lost and confused. Can someone enlighten me, to conceptualize, the comments. I, read a story relating to Police brutality, however, the comments are way off the current subject at hand. Thumbs up for the heirarchy of the Police Force, in clearing the air as to the various steps that are being taken, to discipline those who believes that they are above the law and untouchable. Too, often some of them abuse their authority and they go unscaved. So by arresting and charging them for their transgressions and their firing,will send out a positive message to those who wants to misbehave. My suggestion to the Cop and his deputies, once these Officer’s have been charged and or dismissed, their photos should be made public. When an ordinary citizen is charged they are face with these types of treatment, so I firmly believe that the Police Officer’s should face the same treatment, simply because they are part of the citizenry too.

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