Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Probe Launched Into Video Of Handcuffed Man Being Brutalised By Cop

Saint Lucia police have ordered an investigation into a video posted on social media in which a handcuffed man is being brutalized by a male officer, a senior law enforcement official has confirmed.

The official also confirmed to St Lucia Times that the video was shot in Vieux Fort but had no idea when it as recorded.

During the 10 second recording a male officer in camouflage uniform repeatedly strikes a handcuffed man on the head with what appears to be the broad side of a cutlass.


The man, whose hands are handcuffed behind his back, is on his knees.

Two other police officers are in the video recording as their colleague strikes the suspect three times on the head, each time demanding: “What you doing with that?”

After striking the suspect, the officer hands the cutlass to one of his colleagues, saying “Hold that!”

“Let’s go!” He then says, after which the brief video ends.

All three policemen in the video are armed.

A voice, apparently of the person recording the video in secret, or someone in the individual’s company, can be heard expressing shock and saying: “Eh eh! Eh eh! With a cutlass?”

The latest video follows a controversy over a recent incident in Dennery involving two female officers and a bus driver.

One of the officers was in uniform, while the other was in civilian clothing.

The one in civilian clothing is shown in one of several videos of the incident that went viral on social media, holding a lowered firearm.

Screen grab from video showing female officer with firearm in right hand

After the videos surfaced, Deputy Police Commissioner Milton Desir had warned last week against drawing conclusions based on ‘selective’ recordings.

The President of the Police Welfare Association, Travis Chicot, echoed similar sentiments Tuesday.

“We call on members of the public to report an unbiased event against Police officers and the citizenry must not only record when Police take action but the entire incident,” Chicot declared in a written statement to St Lucia Times.

“I have seen the videos as the President of the Police Welfare Association and I am of the perception that the video where the bus driver resisted the lawful arrest and was insulting the two females was not given any air play or much discussion,” he asserted.

In the statement, Chicot called for the police to be provided with body cameras.


  1. Well you know there will be no proper investigation or justice when the Deputy Police Commissioner Milton Desir has concluded that the recordings are ‘selective’ and his comment has been supported by pwa president.

  2. this guy was in vfort harassing people with cutlass ,was about to make a report when police had already dealt with him.he is from belle vue

    • If u know all that about him why are u leaving the most important part out? Why u didn’t state that he is mad? So because he is mad he deserves that kind of treatment ? Why are there mental hospitals? You just as bias as the some of the police. Because I am sure there are other officers who wouldn’t support his actions. As for chiquot he just as wicked as the officer in the video. I can remember him very well from his early days so he will always support the officers action. Fat pig as he is. Not even a gym can save him. Go get a liposuction how u expect to chase down criminals being so fat? Oh I forgot u wont run u will shoot and look for an excuse to justify your actions.

  3. Any1 who is familiar with Vf police knows the officer wielding the weapon, his posture height and hair cut is very familiar there is not two like dis in the force

  4. What the police man meted out to the criminal is not brutality. It is called discipline. Who cannot hear must feel. The police should have given him 6 strokes. 3 pas-koot- lar, is insufficient discipline. These criminals terrorize the people of the south and they need much more than simply , time behind bars. I urge the commissioner to dismiss any investigation into this matter. The commissioner should, instead, give the police officer additional responsibility to pas-koot-lar criminals both in the north and south of the country.

    • YOU ARE AN IDIOT !! I bet you if this kind of brutality was been delivered to you or a family member you reasoning for this would be different. Here is a man ALREADY HANDCUFF WITH HIS HANDS BEHIND HIS BACK KEELING ON THE GROUND WHAT EXCUSE AT “THIS POINT” DOES THIS OFFICER HAVE FOR DOING THIS ? THIS OFFICER SHOULD BE ARRESTED CHARGED WITH ASSAULT LOCKED UP BRING BEFORE THE COURT AND FIRED. Unfortunately this is St Lucia and like all other incidents before this NOTHING WILL COME OF THIS EITHER. CHICOT ! JOHN PUBLIC AWAIT FOR YOUR EXCUSES before or after the facts the choice is yours it won’t make a difference shit like this is inexcusable no matter how you cut it. US State Department I hope you are seeing this and if you are please tighten the screws on St Lucia because our so call leaders don’t care THEY NEVER SPEAK OUT THE WILL NEVER SPEAK OUT unless you threaten them with your BIG STICK

  5. A Smith have to be a police commenting there. all yourll police wicked and angry and yourll join the force just to get back at ppl they had beef with cause they know the law us always right no matter what they do but god don’t sleep.

  6. Move url moda cont there url police like to do people shate
    That’s bull **** ok
    Arrest the man n charge him why url beating d ******* man up uh
    It’s Time url stop that
    URL feel cause URL are police URL can do what URL want
    Url more breaking d rule jackasses

  7. The whole police force is a joke..bunch of criminals that’s what they are ..they protect each’s a band of brothers and sisters and we are NOT in it…Police don’t protect us they protect the ‘Policies of this Oppressive system…hence they are called Police …!

  8. I hate to be long winded, but this caught my attention today. After watching the video, we all should not be that surprised. We do have a culture, that law enforcers (policemen and women) seem to forget that they are not the law. Besides this the cops are not equipped with up-to-date equipment and this can cause frustration. With that said, this give them no right to handle this situation the way they did. This have been a culture we have been dealing with for a very long time. Cops slapping grown ass men in the face at times and the list goes on. They are not all bad but, but we do have some sour grapes in the bunch. The ones that we know in our community, that a being paid a salary by drug dealers, the ones that have guys hassling for them. We know who they are in our community.
    Now the lady with the gun in hand is just an ass. Not handling your weapon properly can cause serious problems. You do not pullout your weapon unless you intend to use it. Walking around with you weapon in that manner, could have been taken by someone else if they wanted to, she left her self-wide open to the public hostile area. I am not here to bash anyone, but we need to do better on both sides, law enforcers and civilians alike.

  9. I saw the video and the policeman and his accomplices would be charged. What they did was inhuman and a crime. Whether the individual is mentally handicapped or not they have no right to treat someone in that manner. They should also remember that they are “once a policeman, twice a civilian”. Karma will deal with them.

  10. I saw the video and the policeman and his accomplices should be charged. What they did was inhuman and a crime. Whether the individual is mentally handicapped or not they have no right to treat someone in that manner. They should also remember that they are “once a policeman, twice a civilian”. Karma will deal with them.

  11. Every time an event like this happens. The relationship between police and civilian takes a few steps backwards. Some blame needs to be put on the police hierarchy. This is a training issue…if the police does not have the required training then this event will continue in various forms. There is never a need to punish someone when they are powerless due to being handcuffed knowing full well they cannot protect themselves from whatever comes their way.

  12. Unacceptable behavior. The victim is securely secured and he “eh” going anywhere. Serious disciplinary action should be brought to bear against the assailant.

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