Sunday, January 26, 2020

Probe Launched Into Viral Confrontation Between Bus Driver And Passenger

The Gros Islet Minibus Association has launched an investigation into a viral video of a confrontation between one of its members and a female passenger, it has been disclosed.

The disclosure came from association President, Danny Edward, in an interview with Real FM.

Speaking during Yardie’s Zafe Nous, Edward said he expected better from the driver involved.

The association President disclosed that he had seen the video recording and had received a lot of telephone calls about it.

“As President of the Gros Islet Minibus Association I don’t condone that kind of behaviour from the driver,” Edward stated.

The release of the viral video on social media comes amidst a public relations campaign by Gros Islet minibus drivers, who recently underwent customer service training.

Edward explained that the driver involved, identified by his nickname ‘Yellow’,had been trained and a lot better was expected from him.

“I know he had his issues in the past. We are trying to work with him,” the Minibus Association President told ‘Yardie’.

“He was one who attended the training and he passed. He ought to know better. This is not the way to deal with a passenger, regardless of what the passenger has done to you. This is not the way,” Edward asserted.

He disclosed that the association will be doing its own internal investigation.

According to Edward, the association has a disciplinary committee in place to handle such situations.

He also appealed to members of the public to ensure that they do not hold back fares from bus drivers.

Edward said there are lots of avenues open to aggrieved passengers to seek redress.

“There is no reason if a service has been provided to you that you should withhold your fare,” he declared, adding that the association has a hotline.

But he also said that there are other ways in which drivers can deal with such a situation.

Edward appealed to members of the public to be patient with the drivers, asserting that their customer service training is ongoing.

“The passengers expect that with a little training the drivers will be perfect, but it’s a work in progress,” he said.


  1. Implement a Pay as you enter policy. Or, have a Conductor on each bus. A good employment strategy.

  2. I for 1 don’t agree to what the driver did it could have been $1.50-$1.75-$2.25-$2.50 he should have left that situation alone wherever her destination would have been it wasn’t worth the fight I’m not a minibus driver yet I see that could have been avoided

  3. Time to introduce a National Bus Service, that Mini Bus situation is not working in the interest of the General Public..

  4. It’s time to weed out those nasty and uncouth bus drivers out of the public transportation system. This guy should be dismissed forthwith from the association as his route band revoked period.

  5. She had no reason to not pay the fare. He has every right to hold back her property if she is not willing to pay. The only thing I disagree with is his choice of disrespectful words. And you’ll hypocrites stop acting like it’s ok for neither a man nor a woman to raise their hand on each other. Because you’ll keep speaking about his actions but casting a blind eye to her actions. All those against him taking action for his fare. I wonder how you’ll would react if you’ll employers don’t pay you’ll at the end of the month.

  6. Ever so often i see men find any little issue as an excuse why they wont pay the bus when they get to town, others just jump off and leave. it’s not right, the men are working hard, if you are missing money or want a ride, ask the driver and its his right to say whether its ok or not. Both parties are wrong! driving with all that rage can be dangerous.

  7. Mr president let me assure that the law states that if a passenger is not satisfied with the service they are receiving from the driver[s] they have to get off the bus and don’t pay. In a situation where the driver is driving reckless and beyond the speed limit you have to do the same. Too many times these drivers risk the lives of passengers on the road when he call on their attention the curse you off and give you the best of insults they can give. This driver needs to be pulled off the route forthwith. Long standing disciplinary action. We the members of the public will not tolerate such. Let him find some other means of employment. This is not his first time. When one cannot hear they have to feel. He is an unstable equilibrium.

  8. This driver has always been very arrogant. He use to be on the vf bus stand. And its for the same reason that he left. But all that was not called for. For a fare of only 2.50 for the most. When you look at it most men but a beer for 5 dollars and in the end three half away. To me it’s not worth it. Anyway the next time my lady just call him “Sheppard”. Lol. He was involved with a sheep in mon repos when they caught him. He would have stopped the yelling rite away and bend his head.

  9. Two wrongs do not make a right, but is is sad that persons are getting personal instead of dealing with the issue. The National Council on Public Transportation that I was involved in the formation of, along with the establishment of 21 minibus drivers’ associations, is not the organisation that I was part of, nor we the founding members did strive for it to be.

    The continued election of a president for multiple terms has become one of the the biggest hurdles to effective administration faced by the organisation.

    The original constitution of NCOPT would have dealt with such a matter, and the administration of that organisation should have ensured that these regulations be kept. We the founders did move to ensure that no bus operator would have moved from one route to another, without the necessary checks carried out so as to preserve the level of discipline both the travelling public and the bus organisation needs.

    The current weakness of the NCOPT has filtered down to the regional associations, and has failed to preserve the integrity of the organisation as per the original aims and objectives.

    For the bus system to see improvement administratively and operationally, there must be a cleaning of the organisation and affiliates immediately, with the needed systems and support structures be out in place to protect not just the travelling public, but also the investment of the bus operators.

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