Probe Underway Into Fracas Involving Officers, Inmate At BCF

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A probe is now underway into a fracas involving an inmate and correctional officers at the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF).

On Friday, a video of an injured inmate, arm in a sling and a bandage on his shin, appeared on social media.

According to reports, someone shot the video in the remand section of the BCF.

An accompanying commentary said that officers severely beat the inmate, fracturing his hand and inflicting other injuries.

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“His hand break in two places,” one individual off-camera declares.

“All his balls burst. We need justice in this prison. Those officers treating us like we are criminals,” the individual declares, adding that inmates have to wait for long periods before getting their day in court.

“They treating us like criminals – now we will have to portray what criminals doing,” the voice declares.

The voice also claimed that officers beat the inmate ‘for no reason’ and that he was receiving no assistance from BCF officials.

However, speaking on anonymity, a source aware of the video on social media, told St Lucia Times that the inmate in question fought with another prisoner on Tuesday night.

According to the source, the inmate had a court appearance the following day and, upon his return to the BCF, resisted as officers took him to the segregation unit.

“There was a fracas during which one officer sustained a blow to the back with a broomstick,” the source stated, adding that the inmate also sustained injuries.

The source explained that when the injured inmate next attended court, his arm was in a sling, prompting the court to inquire what had occurred.

And according to information, when the injured inmate returned to the BCF, officers took him to the remand section amid a full investigation into the circumstances resulting in the confrontation with correctional officers.

Reports indicate that the situation at the BCF had been tense, but under control.

Headline photo: Screen grab from social media video


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  1. Aquitting the guilty and condemning
    the innocent
    the LORD detests them both !!
    A wise son will bring joy to his father but a folish son will bring grief to his father and bitterness to the one that bore him.
    My Son :
    Wisdom is sweet to your soul,if you find it, there is a future hope for you,and your hope will not be cut off !!
    Humility and the fear of the LORD will bring wealth and honor and life to you.
    “Today,if you hear his voice,
    do not harden your heart
    as you did in the rebellion.

    “Now then,my sons, listen to me ;
    blessed are those who keep my ways.
    Listen to my instructions and be wise ;
    do not ignore it.
    Blessed is the man who listen to me,
    watching daily at my doors,
    waiting at my doorway.
    For whoever finds me finds life
    and receives favor from the LORD.
    But whoever fails to find me harms
    himself ;
    all who hate me (God) love ❤️⚰️ death.”

  2. The best deterrent against crime is a good cut ass. The moment you set foot in that place, call it by any other name, Remand, or what ever, buddy you should not be in there; so let loose the ‘ Cat O’ NINE TAIL’ better known as Lolo-Beff whip asses like no tomorrow, guilty or not guilty you should not steal and or behave yourself – St. Lucia should not be allowed to slide down to the level of Haiti. I pray that God should bring this Island back to civility, or else goodbye.

  3. What offense did that criminal do to be on remand? Did he just spit by the road and police arrested him?
    The same hand he used to commit the crime is the same hand the office break. He should have been crippled. Bravo officers.

  4. The voice saying they treating you all lije criminals. Well is the prison not a place for criminals? Are you all law abiding citizens? Police are trained to deal with criminals. Do not do crimes so you will not end up going to a prison.

  5. I think the inmate was saying that someone on remand is not a convict. They havent had a chance to a full trial and were either not afforded bail or could not afford to pay bail. Being on remand does not make you guilty! You may as well be innocent and have not had your day in court.

  6. The lawlessness in SLU is even in prison. I don’t feel sorry for those incarcerated criminals. They need to be taught who is in charge so they that hopefully they may learn to respect authority.

  7. There must be a good reason you got yourself in there.
    For each who gets in there, he should receive a good flogging on entrance, no questions asked. Pull out the ‘LOLO- BEFF’ whip some asses once every week, on his discharge he will think again before committing crime. Under my system I would wipe out crime in St. Lucia in less than a year. The Lolo-Beff would make criminal Lawyers broke, sorry Mary.

  8. Oh well. This is one side of the story. Officers in their right minds would not allegedly beat you up injuring you if at some point you did not become a threat to their lives or their safety. You are behind bars and clearly still not learnt your lesson. I have little empathy for you at this point.

  9. So an inmate resistance should be met with ?? In this profession you have to be trained in control and restraint tactics. Not all innates will accept the rehabilitation era.

  10. Wasnt it the other day the head of the BCF was saying something along the lines of correctional officers are not what they use to be.

    Stating that they are trained professionals and there to assist in the REHABILITATION of inmates. Going as far as to say that they should no longer be referred to as correctional officers.

    Where was the PROFESSIONALISM regardless if the inmate resisted and used force. Are you saying the professionally trained officers instead of using the professional tactics to deal with that situation they referred to old school tatctics. Or is it still part of the training?

    I hope they weren’t the same officers interacting with our school children! You’ll think the kids stupid.

    Look at SLU Times home page with the two stories side by side the irony!

  11. Inmate asks why they treating us like criminals? Another brilliant one I see.

    Um you are locked up yeah. Committed a crime…..and you ask yourself why they treating us like criminals……simply amazing the genius you are!

  12. “Those officers treating us like we are criminals”. But sir, aren’t y’all cri ….. Sorry, innocent until proven guilty 🤦🏽‍♀️

    These guys think people are dumb to think that their friend didn’t do something to get beaten like that. Always lying and giving one side of the story.


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