Programme Leaders In Chronic Disease Self-Management Get Training

Press Release:- Health care professionals and community leaders were recently granted the opportunity to acquire the skills and tools to effectively provide self-management to persons living with chronic conditions.

The chronic conditions include diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, kidney disease and arthritis, to name a few.

Master Trainer for the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program Yolanda Alcindor expressed hope that the leaders of the program will acquire the knowledge to work with patients to assess self-management behaviors and to improve their health outcomes.

“We are hoping that all the leaders trained in this program will go out in the community and facilitate community programs and persons living with chronic conditions will have an opportunity to participate in this program. We are hoping that all persons living with chronic conditions will get an opportunity to be part of the program where they will be empowered with skills to help them better self manage their condition.”

Alcindor also emphasized on the tools the leaders will gain from the training in their efforts to implement chronic care management.  

“In this program, we are looking at skills such as better breathing, having a good night sleep, how to use medication, communication, how to deal with difficult emotions, healthy eating, the importance of physical activities and all of these will help persons better manage their chronic conditions.”

Participant of the leaders training Sandy Felix-Paul says she is very pleased that the training provided them with the knowledge to assist persons with better managing their chronic conditions.

“The workshop covered a variety of other subjects and not only diabetes and chronic illnesses but it gave you the opportunity to elevate yourself as an individual so that when you go into the communities to assist clients that you have knowledge in helping and getting them to an area where they would be comfortable. People living with diabetes sometimes have no knowledge as to the way they can go ahead and plan their meals. So, we have received information as to how to go ahead and help them manage their weight as well as getting themselves at a place where the disease is managed.”

The Chronic Disease Self-Management Program is developed and researched at Stanford University.