Saturday, October 19, 2019

Prolonged Dry Spell Affecting WASCO’s Water Distribution

The Water and Sewerage Company Inc (WASCO), says its ability to provide water to its customers is being affected by the prolonged dry spell.

“It is having a severe impact on the level of water available for distribution to our customers,” WASCO’s Communications and Marketing Officer, Cherry Ann Williams explained.

She told St Lucia Times that in some areas the situation is more acute than in others.

“When we talk about distribution in the South of the Island we have the situation where a lot of the catchment areas are drying up,” Williams disclosed.

She said based on investigations and reports from technicians, the level of water in the catchment areas continues to decrease.

According to the WASCO official, the situation poses a challenge for the water utility.

“It impacts on the amount of water available for treatment and then for onward distribution to customers,” Williams stated.

She said the problem is ‘most acute’ in the South of Saint Lucia.

But Williams asserted that WASCO is trying its best to supply water to residents there using a rationing system in some areas while in other areas the utility is trucking water.

She called on consumers to try to conserve water.

Williams noted that WASCO has completed a number of Public Service Announcements (PSAs) which provide tips and suggestions on how consumers can conserve water.

“It is through no fault of WASCO that the water supply is on the decline but we are doing our best in terms of not only providing water to the public as best as possible, but to also encourage people to take personal responsibility for the water supply that is available to them,” she said.

Williams expressed the view that a wise investment at this time would be to buy a water tank and save as much water as possible, ensuring that containers are clean and the stored water is safe for consumption.

“We are not sure how long this dry spell will extend for, but we can only advise people to conserve water, use it sparingly, try to decrease on the amount of water that can be wasted so that there is enough water to last for an extended period of time,” the WASCO Communications and Marketing Officer stated.


  1. What a way to sugar coat the situation. Its such a shame that people are barely noticing the little rain we have been getting for May, one of the two rainy months out of the year. There needs to be more said about how severe the situation is before its too late. People need to stop washing their cars and wasting water.

    • People don’t care unless it affects them directly. Sad reality of it. Unless there are fines and enforcement then business as usual.

  2. The wasco workers also are to blame. When someone reports a fault most times they dont respond in a appropriate time. I’m sure there is a night crew for a reason also. If you call in the night they would respond next day or day after unless it is town. Most times the guys are trois piton at their home or running errands for their families. They also need to accept responsibility for the water problem. Prove me wrong Wasco and dont let me get started about the incident last week at trouya when a burst pipe was reported and hundreds of gallons per hour were being wasted. Did the workers care? No. They came after 4 days then could not fix it right away and came back 3 days after with a backhoe. I wonder if those thousands of gallons wasted could have been saved.

  3. Where is the South of the Island. That’s a place? Tell people which areas that the cachments are drying up and encourage them to conserve.

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