Proper Eye Care During Ash Fall

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Press Release:–  The La Soufriere volcano on the island of St. Vincent & the Grenadines began a series of eruptions on April 9, 2021 sending lots of hot ash into the air.

Since then it has erupted multiple times over the past few days and as a result, here in Saint Lucia we are feeling the effects of the explosion by the presence of ash fall and dust which is a health hazard.

Air polluted by ash can leave the eyes feeling uncomfortable and irritated.

Frequent concerns include:
– Corneal abrasions
– Acute conjunctivitis or the inflammation of the conjunctiva which leads to redness
– Burning of the eyes
– Photosensitivity
– Foreign body sensation
– Eyes can become painful, itchy or bloodshot
– Sticky discharge and lots of tearing can be experienced

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Contact lens users should take extra precautions. Contacts lens should be removed
and they should opt to use spectacles at this time to avoid further irritation, corneal
abrasion and eye infections.

Eye Irritation can be minimized by:

– Staying indoors when pollution levels are high or if you do have to venture out, wear
goggles or wraparound sunglasses.
– Application of a cool compress over eyes
– Use of lubricating eye drops
– Ocular hygiene with clean water
– Do not rub the eyes.

Extra care should be taken to prevent ash falling directly into the eyes which can be very
dangerous and cause excessive irritation.

Therefore, don’t look upwards at the falling ash.

If you do get ash into the eyes, do not rub. The eyes should be washed for at least 10
minutes with clean running water.

If symptoms persist, seek advice from your eye doctor. Stay safe and encourage others to do the same.


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