Prospere Concerned Over Delayed Payments To Farmers

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Agriculture Minister Alfred Prospere has expressed concern over the length of time it takes the Saint Lucia Marketing Board and hotels to pay for the produce of Saint Lucia farmers.

Prospere said he is very concerned about the status of the marketing board.

“I always believe that entity is really supposed to be buying if not all of what our farmers produce. But there are other institutions like Massy who probably compete with the marketing board. The marketing board does not have the financial resources to buy and to be able to pay all the farmers on time,” he stated.

The Minister asserted that farmers need to know they will get their pay at a certain time.

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“Now it is one ting to say ‘We are selling to the marketing board’ or ‘We are selling to the hotels’ and we have to wait two months to get pay,” Prospere declared.

“Just image you are waiting two months, three months to get paid. If you have to go into continuous production you will be stranded because you may not have the financial resources to go into other crops and continue to make money,” the Minister told the programme ‘Agriculture On The Move’.

As a result, Prospere said he wants to see a more sustainable Saint Lucia Marketing Board buying from the farmers and making sure that it gains their trust.

By way of example, he indicated that there should not be a situation where the marketing board can only accept a portion of the farmer’s produce.

“The Marketing Board has to look at its whole operations now and we think of storage – storage is important. Sometimes we see gluts in cucumbers, we see gluts in watermelons. But if you have a storage facility that they can buy and store for a period of two, three weeks, then that problem can be solved,” the Minister asserted.

He expressed confidence that farmers will soon have more confidence in the marketing board to meet their challenges with a new board in place.

Prospere also stressed the importance of agro-processing, declaring that is a sector that his ministry intends to push.

“We are producing a lot and there are markets available locally and outside of Saint Lucia for those products, but I believe we need to really find ways to engage those persons and to really give them the support they need to increase production in terms of whatever they do,” he observed.

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  1. Re Article.The farmers and the government should Demand the hotel’s and other creditors to pay the farmers Asap, otherwise put a Lean on their establishments..? That should solve the problem for the farmers, etc..

  2. Mr ProsperE you are in a position to do for Farmers and agriculture was no recent Minister has done.
    We are looking to you to be a trail blazer.

  3. Mondesir oh please, do you think the Agricultural Ministers before this present one did not see and made reference to this same problem. This is just talk. We need actions.

  4. Your CD is in repeat mode… forgive me Agriculture and manufacturing is you all kitchen story NO BODY IS SERIOUS ABOUT IT!

  5. Ohhh now I see we have a real minister for agriculture. You’re on the right path sir trust me . It is high time someone in authority can come out and speak on real issues that affects farmers . Marketing board suppose to be as important as invest st.lucia and any tourist board there is . We need to treat this like a business to allow the farmers to produce and give them the support needed for quality. Let the marketing board serve its purpose. Market our products locally and internationally , ensure a proper paying process so big businesses here can not look down at the farmer and decide when to pay them . Let them owe a big association like them and you will see how things will speed up .

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