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Prospere Promises Statement Amid Calls For Ban On Hunting, Killing Sea Turtles

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Amid calls for Saint Lucia to ban hunting and killing sea turtles, Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries, Food Security, and Rural Development Alfred Prospere has promised a public statement ‘at the appropriate time’.

“Internally we are discussing it,” Prospere told reporters on Monday.

“We have to think of the fishers as well because remember, they have to earn a livelihood. But I do not want to preempt anything that I am supposed to be saying publicly. We need to get the right information. We need to get all the information we need and a public statement will be made as soon as possible,” the Minister disclosed.

“We will try out best to involve as many stakeholders as possible because this is not a decision that I will be making on my own. It is a decision that will impact the entire country and the world maybe so it is something we are discussing,” Prospere stated.

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Declaring that the Saint Lucia government needs to understand that sea turtles are worth more to the Island alive than dead, an online petition launched last week calling for a ban on hunting and killing the creatures.

According to the petition, research has shown that sea turtle ecotourism can generate three times more income than selling sea turtle parts, including eggs, meat, and shells, making the animals worth far more alive.

It noted that of the 195 countries worldwide, Saint Lucia is one of only 42 that still allow turtle hunting.

Current local regulations allow an open season from October 1 to December 31 and a closed season from January 1 to September 30.

There are also provisions for weight limits, gear restrictions, and protection of eggs and nesting turtles.

But despite the provisions, a Sea Turtle Fishery Survey launched about two weeks ago by the Fisheries Department has observed that poachers and fishers continue to harvest sea turtles illegally.

Aside from concerns over hunting and slaughtering sea turtles, two fishers from Vieux Fort ignited a social media firestorm after capturing and killing a ‘juvenile’ Orca or killer whale last month, prompting calls for a ban on the capture and slaughter of whales.

However, the Fisheries Department indicated that in the case of the Orca, the fishers acted within the existing regulations.

Headline photo: Alfred Prospere (Stock image)

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  1. japan and others have been given the green light to trawl our waters? are you people insane?after they depleted their marine habitats ours yall comming and destroy? Just because of them politicians again selling everything under the table in exchange for help from other countries at the demise of the greater good. worst thing is uneducated/selfish fools in power.

  2. Son (s)and daughter (s)of man
    Will you judge them, will you judge them ? “No”
    But, everything is permissible,while some may be perishable-but everything is not BENIFICAL
    Having lost all sensitivity over to sensulity, so as to indulge in every kind of IMPURITY with a continual LUST more and more,CORRUPTED by a DECEITFUL DESIRES !
    Therefore, I pass JUDGEMENT on no one ! Indeed !

  3. We are a small hungry Island with little or no Industries. Our politicians past, did allow the Japanese Industrial Fish Boats, to set huge Nets, miles long to gather everything and anything that lives in our Waters – for what? just a pittance/ our boys go out there – no fish. MAn got to eat; he burn all that Gas, can’t go back empty, he catch something and was lucky to make it back alive, because you just don’t play around with Whales, worse still with Orca. But the Japs took all the fish and the absolute very young that could have replenish a new stock. That’s no chicken shit man, our boys need help with their way of life, the ‘land & the Sea’ do you see? now, now dear Soul ‘Morena’ I agree, but imported Cows & Pigs are fed with hormones to fatten them up for a bigger market; bless your Soul & God bless St. Lucia.

  4. Have you seen a turtles when laying ?
    Consider a drop of tears for each egg,
    And did you know that turtles has a mensuration clycle and suffers like a woman in birth pains when laying eggs ?

    • Cows, goats, sheep all suffer birth pains. I guess we just should eat meat. Stop letting foreign cultures fool us into thinking less of our culture and way of life.

  5. I don’t consume meat or fish but understand why one would want to ban the consumption of turtle meat in Saint Lucia. This has been the culture of a selected few for centuries. Further, the numbers harvested annually can in no way deplete the turtle stock. We should be mindful that we don’t allow foreign cultures to impose their way of life us. Again I say the numbers consumed by our people cannot affect the overall stock. Let’s respect and preserve our culture.

  6. Turtle, dolphin and whale part of our indigenous diet. Why should we encourage people to only eat imported cow and chicken that are filled with hormones. Our local consumption cannot put a dent in the overall fish stocks. Also, why continue to push tourism, most of us in the tourism field suffered during covid.

  7. Agree and disagree man have u ever eaten a turtle meat in a Manish water it’s call a booster shot for the manhood

    • You must be confused! since you need poor turtles for booster shots accept the fact that your manhood useless and call it a day! a day off! no scratch that ! put it on a lifetime ban!

  8. you see what you guys caused, because of your greed and selfish ways. if you were not hunting the turtles illegally then we would not be in this mess, you see the turtles coming and lay eggs you idiots going and kill one turtle in the closed season in the end killing thousands cause the turtle didnt have time lay its eggs and if it did you guys taking the eggs as well. now people will never get to eat turtle meat ever again.

    now According to the petition, research has shown that sea turtle ecotourism can generate three times more income than selling sea turtle parts, including eggs, meat, and shells, making the animals worth far more alive which is true cause they are killing more than nature can generate naturally but i assure you if this ban comes in a matter of a few years when turtles will be in abundance that same research will come and tell you that there are to many turtles and guess what you have to go back and hunt them to level the cycle of life

  9. Japan first. The biggest killer of turtles and marine life is discarded fiahig nets and equipment. Followed by plastics.
    Again y’all want to bow to these foreigners that come here and try to change our way of life.

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