Protesters Demand Slavery Reparations And Denounce Visit By Royals To Saint Lucia

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A small group of protesters gathered outside Government House Wednesday to denounce the visit here by the Earl and Countess of Wessex and demand reparations for the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

The Earl and Countess are on a Caribbean tour that includes Saint Lucia as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year activities. The tour ends on Thursday.

One of Wednesday’s protestors told reporters that they were demonstrating for their rights, dignity, and human justice.

“In this day and age we cannot be having those royal people, and by the way our royalty lies in Ethiopia in Africa land,” Aaron Alexander, a former President of the Iyanola Council for the Advancement of Rastafari (ICAR), stated.

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“So we don’t hold these people in any regard of royalty,” Alexander asserted.

“They have to realise they have a moral obligation to honour their black debt – Europe and Britain’s black debt. They must honour that,” he declared.

Alexander told reporters that the visitors could not just come here to celebrate 70 years of the Queen being on the throne.

He also questioned how that had benefitted the people of Africa, the Commonwealth, and Saint Lucia.

Regarding the Queen, the former ICAR) President declared that she had seventy years to apologise over the slave trade but never did.

“Germany paid reparations to the Jews, Italy paid reparations to Ethiopia and there are so many other examples where reparations have been paid to people who were wronged,” Alexander observed.

“And we were wronged as African people and 182 countries in the United Nations at the Durban conference in South Africa in 2001, they declared that slavery and the trans-Atlantic slave trade as a crime against humanity which compensation is guaranteed and due for,” he expressed.

“And until such time we have to make it a hostile environment for whichever one of them that comes to try and visit us, ” Alexander stated.

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  1. The UK has one of the largest aid budgets in the world. 14 billion pounds. The islands need to get together to better access this aid with solid and meaningful proposals. Better law and order facilities. More scholarships. Better healthcare facilities like diabetes centres. Better education facilities. Water production and protection. Farming overhaul.The UK seems to struggle to spend its aid allotment and ends up giving it out on frivolous projects in China, Russia and India. 5 billion pounds a year into the Caribbean would be a game changer but governments in the region have no ambition or coordination. They prefer aid for roads etc for very obvious percentage reasons.

  2. @Low grade, you are the face of blackman mentality. Gimmie gimmie gimmie something for free. Since slavery, you should have achieved some sort of success. Yet it continues to elude you, much like intelligence.

  3. I am at awww NOT SUPRISE of the level of ignorance and Uncle Tom House Negro Mentally of some individuals that comments here GROWN ASS (they know themselves), they are so far gone their levels of understanding as it pertains to their own ancestry is shameful and embarrassing to say the least. Black People are so program not to love themselves, when they are really the chosen ones and created everything that White People enjoy today. The Jews demanded got payed and reminded us every day of their holocaust and don’t dare question it. The leading governments of the richest countries in the world are giving them billions for Ukraine, but yet the slave masters can tour their commonwealth to enforce the Queen’s doctrine and we should just accept it, well come it, demand nothing for those who made them rich. To you uneducated fools, Reperations does not have to be in the form of money, it can be in the form of investment, education, health, infrastructure development. There is not enough money on planet earth to pay Black People for their sufferation, so instead we should demand Reperations to improve our lives and future generations. To the handful of protesters who showed up I applauded you, better late than never, you took the shame off St Lucia and out of St Lucian eyes

  4. AnyTING that involves that man Jomo Laurent should be banned, that man is a con artist, crook, liar an all full of sheet and hearacEy, how can that man be part of national trust, a disgrace to St. Lucians Everywhere. Smph

  5. Re so call protests.. just a bunch of Mary Jane high wasted Dumb snotty l O k People..
    Keep waiting.. Dress for success..Rectum holes..

  6. To all those demanding reparations. Last that I checked you people inherited an entire island nation. If you don’t think that’s enough how about you get on the first boat / plane back to mother Afrikka. I hear that Mogadishu, somalia and Sudan are all pretty nice this time of year.
    Nothing keeping you chained here to St. Lucia. Reparations? “forget about it” You benefited from your forefathers misery, so shut-up! You can always choose to leave.

  7. I am not for this begging for reparations philosophy but what I will see is that them 2 would be nothing without slavery. Therefore I think you cannot eliminate slavery out of their lives…period! They are products and beneficiaries of the torture of my ancestors…so eff them!

  8. That so called protest was an embarrassment to me and many others. These small group of 10 people do not represent us the larger population of 180,000. Just a bunch of uneducated unkept fools that need to go back to the hills or to Africa– the country these rastafarians like to reference in the speech.

  9. Honestly i think we Saint Lucians need to be a little bit more educated on a number of subjects. Then first of all our politicians will not take us for fools especially when they makes us empty promises during the election times and after just may be we can protest for reparations.

  10. Always those in the low level of the barrel that are making noises. Why don’t these so called rastas go to Africa or go to the hills and live peacefully. They are always loud, angry and always upset and always demanding something. I am surprise it is only the rastafarians that are demanding an apology and reparations. These rastafarians are not reflecting where St Lucians stand with the queen. Just about 10 of them try to protest. Where are the commentators on here that backed Belize and Jamaica. Where are those on Street Vibes and HTS poll.
    In my opinion the queen and her family are not the ones who treat our fore fathers this way so why should they apologize? If I did not do something why should I apologize. I can request something else from the monarchy but not an apology. This whole protest thing is just an embarrassment to the country. The behaviour of these low life individuals does speak for all St Lucians.

  11. I do not understand these protests, seriously our country relies on others such as the UK for money and help. These people are nothing to do with slavery.

  12. honestly i understand why aaron and this small group was doing this but honestly for the amount of us that want reparations it was really embarrassing to see them with their cards and barely shouting like as if their efforts were in vain. I put my self in the Earl and Countess shoes and they must be saying look at these jackasses like as if we care about their pathetic protest that will get them no where.

  13. i have a question cause i am a bit confused is it me or did someone lie about the days that the Earl and Countess of Wessex was supposed to appear in Saint Lucia so they could prevent people from doing this protest. in this link four days ago it was said that “The Earl and Countess of Wessex travelled to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines from Saint Lucia.

    They arrived in Saint Lucia on Friday on a tour of three Caribbean Islands to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. also it went on to further say “They are due to visit Antigua and Barbuda on Monday.” but from the looks of it they are still here and they were at the Governor Generals House on Wednesday yesterday, so if they were set to go to Antigua and Barbuda on Monday so then why are they still here? did they return to saint lucia for a second time or this was done just to confuse people so they would not know which day their would see the governor general so that they wont see any protest?

  14. I wonder what the PM did with his “gift” from the Royals?…Also wondering if he in turn gave them a gift? 🤔

    • looool i remember someone commented on here that the royals are cheap and nothing strange they might give piere a gift and it would be a painting of themselves and so commented so done boy i die of laughter when i heard that. Now you see what i talking about England never did anything for us i mean you coming on behalf of the queen and that what you giving as a gift? a damn painting of your foolish self? the Earl and Countess must be saying Good Lord these saint lucians really not easy

  15. If Chastanet were in power, the National Trust would have supported the protest. The TV stations MBC, Choice and HTS would have accommodated the protest, Richard Frederick and his band of surrogates like Yardie, would have been part of the protest. Today, the protest is lukewarm and almost without steam

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