Protesters Urge Slavery Reparations As Royals Visit Saint Vincent & The Grenadines

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The Earl and Countess of Wessex arrived in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines capital Kingstown to a red carpet welcome Saturday, but protesters calling for slavery reparations staged a demonstration calling for slavery reparations.

About 15 demonstrators held banners demanding an end to colonialism and compensation for the slave trade as the Royal visitors travelled to Government House.

According to iWitness News, Jomo Thomas, a former chair of the National Reparations Committee, was among the protesters.

The online publication quoted the former government Senator as saying that the protesters wanted to indicate their disgust, disdain, and concern that the ‘neo-colonial government’ of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines would again be welcoming and celebrating ‘these people.’

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He said that under the Royal African Charter, the British were “responsible for the hunting down, kidnapping and transshipment of 60% of all of the Africans who were taken from the African continent”.

“They hunted us down, they kidnapped us, they stole us, they worked us. They owe us and they must now pay us,” Thomas declared.

He expressed that “the Royal Family is in the position where they are today because of the pillage of our country and the enslavement of our ancestors.” 

The Earl and Countess of Wessex travelled to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines from Saint Lucia.

They arrived in Saint Lucia on Friday on a tour of three Caribbean Islands to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Earl & Countess pay a courtesy visit on Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre

They are due to visit Antigua and Barbuda on Monday.

Last week, ahead of the visit, the Antigua and Barbuda Reparations Support Commission published a strongly-worded open letter criticising the royal family for past comments on slavery.

The letter also warned the Earl and Countess against insulting black people.

The Royals were also due to visit Grenada on their Caribbean tour but postponed that leg of the trip.

According to the BBC, Buckingham Palace said the decision to postpone the Grenada visit came after talks with the island’s government and governor-general.


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  1. RUN THEM !!!! Rise up he mighty race, rise up….at least you all over there doing something unlike these MASSA ASS KISSING LOVING NEGROS we have here in St Lucia. The people are awaken and tired of the Queen reinforce mental slavery upon Black People. They will not stop by until that Old Crow die. How long should Black People put with this ??? How Long ??? It’s been more than 400yrs and they are still trying to screw us mentally. They went to Jamaica they run dem, every where these oppressors goes with their Mental Slavery Doctrine they should RUN THEM.

    • My dear the Lucians have a serious problem. They thrive on envy, jealousy and “eating their own”. No country in the Caribbean does it so well. A lucian will put another lucian down in a second just to “mess up” his progress. Their politicians fail, their institutions in a mess and they cant build a sustainable future for their kids on this island simply because of the jealousy and envy thrive in politics, work places and businesses. Crab in a barrel mentality. they will hate u because u better looking, more educated, have a house ect.. want you and you dont want them.. will take a man just because you have him. a lot of them poison this lovely island. the nation must do a clean sweep to make this place better.

  2. We need to put the past behind. More persons are currently being enslaved and economically abused by authoritative figures. St.lucia suffered the worst economic atrocity under the last administration. Isn’t that cause for a greater concern?

  3. We all know those GREEDY,LAZY politicians in St Lucia won’t ask for anything from the royals because they want to be knighted & called “SIR”…Plus they LOVE handouts whilst bleeding the country dry enriching themselves & families.

  4. Black Men and women Work so hard in the Construction Industry .Railway Construction.Coal Industry to Make England What it is Now .These persons had Kids in England and Have not been Recorginized as English men or women .No one should Treat these two foold Visiting with no Respect

  5. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines follow fashion let the donkey lost its tail. Here is another typical example of those who do not think and just jump on the band wagon. SVG should be protesting against its government if they want to remove the Queen as its head or demand a referendum instead of making fools of themselves. The main heads have visited several years ago and never SVG did not demanded anything. What will an apology solve? Will the citizens benefit directly if compensation is given? Talk to your PM and demand what you need from them.

  6. Without slavery would these visitors receive all this grand welcome? Answer this you senseless commoner!

  7. Persons who are not in agreement with such a visit such go back to Africa. Why are African descendents not going back to their mother’s land?

    • We waiting for the apology from some of you for selling us to the whites. skinfolk is not awlays kinfolk. both must pay reparations. the africans and the europeans.

  8. Stupid Lucians asleep as usual! not a word from these sleeping people caught in a deep trance and slumber! they are only about maypwee, ro-ro and mal-paley and hate to see others progress. just like their dirty politicians! black people need reparations!

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